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Lightbulb Honey Zone Skateboarding

Ready your trusty skateboard for this pawsome game located at the Skatepark - Honey Zone Skateboarding!

There are two modes in this game. There is freestyle, where you can do any moves you want to, but gives no Bear Bills or points. Then there is challenge, where you have to perform the moves that are displayed and you can earn Bear Bills and points towards your badges.

To start, you press the spacebar. Your bear skates back and forth along the arc, the halfpipe, and when you are just at the edge of the halpipe, you press the spacebar which will allow the bear to skate off into the air. Depending on your timing, your bear can go high or low. The better your precision, the higher the altitude! When your bear is in midair, you must press the arrow keys that are shown on the screen. First, it starts out easy, like a single key, then a little harder, like combinations, and finally combinations of combinations - you have to do a sequence of combinations.

At the bottom is a bar called the 'Trick Meter'. As you perform more and more tricks, the Trick Meter goes higher which allows your bear to ascend higher.

When you are doing the sequences of combinations, try to go as high as you can and press the arrow keys as soon as possible. Remember, you are being timed, so speed is essential!

Have fun, and hope I helped! ^^
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this game does not give you recreation points, or any other badge points
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