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Lightbulb Best Ways to Earn Bearbills

-Play the game "Friendship Forest Photo Safari". Wait for animals rare, such as:
*Flying Squirrel
*Both Butterflies
*Frog King

(Sorry, I can't think of any others.)
-You can also earn 100 Bearbills everyday by going to the Sportsplex and clicking on the Panda, then check off everything on the board
-Enter the 1,000 Bearbills codes:

(Codes from
-You can also get Bearbills when you bring a furry friend to life on Buildabearville
I hope that helped!
Don't Furget to Tell Your Friends!

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Thanks for the help. :]
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Yes, thank you.
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Thanks for that!
I'm going to go and play photo safari right now to get some bear bills!
Again, Thanks!

I just got 154 bear bills! Thanks!

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Excellent guide! I love the ideas you have posted and here are some of mine! Thanks for the guide, by the way! =]

There are variety of ways you can earn Bear Bills. First playing the Furtastic Fountain game and seeing if you earn Bear Bills or a fascinating item. Then walk your way to the Sportsplex and earning a maximum amount of 100 Bear Bills. Then entertaining your self with a few games. there are certain games that are fun and some that earn you a maximum amount of Bear Bills. Bear Hugs and Photo Safari are an excellent game. You can earn exclusive Bear Bills by playing Photo Safari. Though to reach a high amount you must be on the look out for those unbelievable animals such as the flying squirrel l, the pony, the peacock, the frog with a crown, and the jumping dear. Bear Hug can earn you 40 bear bills in 2 levels if you focus on the game. Now, the fishing game has a Bear Bills Cheat going on so you can earn our a thousand in 2 minutes. This is how you do it. You go fishing and follow the instructions. Try getting at least one item then click "Cash in Fish." Then click "Quite Fishing." Then "Yes". Now, once again click fishing. Try filling up the whole page with fishes and other stuff. The click "Cash in Fish." Then click all the stuff you have and then continue to fish but this time you don't have to cast just click, "Cash in Fish" again! You repeat this you have loads of Bear Bills increasing, you just got to be fast paced. These games are really fun and as well as worth playing. I am not saying other games are not as god but they too serve a purpose!!

Other Exclusive ways:
1. Get A Job: Stroll on down to Pawlette Coufur Boutique and buy a cheap outfit. Get a color of you choice shirt, a color of your choice tie, a color of your choice pants, a color of your choice shoes, and top it off with your own personal accessory. Now, visit the Coffee Shop. A beary busy Den should get your going with Bear Bills. Take a people’s orders with great manner. Fulfill their order and ask for a tip or two. be patient and see if the person is kind enough to give you a Bear Bill or two. Especially if the person is your friend or maybe even you might have seen a day or two ago tel them about you new job and tell them they can book their party here. With all these guest you can make a load of Bear Bills.
2. Tours: Give a quick tour and you never know what someone might be generous enough to leave behind. be detailed and specific and there is a trail os cash left behind.
3. Be Creative: Earn Bear Bills by trading Pawlette Coufur Items that you no longer need. Except a trade when they are asking a low amount of Bear Bills for an item that costs a lit more. You can either keep it and add it to your wardrobe or sell it at either the Pawlette Coufur, Bear Boutique, or the Bear Stuff store to redeem special amounts of Bear Bills.
4. Party it out with Bear Bills: Earn Bear Bills by simply throwing a party with some of your closest friends and you never know when someone might leave a quick gift!

Let's Talk about Giving Bear Bills!
1. Friends and Other: Donate some of your old close and even a few Bear Bills to others who don't have much and you never know how they may repay you!


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