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Default Dive Beary Deep Guide

I usually play this game on the normal setting. Your bear is scuba diving in search of treasure. The right arrow makes your bear go forward faster, while the left arrow makes your bear swim slower. The up and down arrows move your bear up and down in the water.

Try to touch the green bear heads when possible, because they make you go faster. The red bear heads slow you down, but sometimes it makes sense to get a red bear head and make the eel go through the trap. Then the eel doesn't chase you anymore.

Try to avoid touching the starfish, jellyfish, fishing lines, etc. because they decrease your health. The treasure is at the very end of your swim.

I usually like to stay in the top half of the screen until I pass the two rock outcroppings, then I swim to the bottom to avoid the polluting ship. Swim through the lobster trap to trap the eel, and luckily the trap does not trap the bear. Then I stay in the middle until the very end, when I head down to the bottom to avoid the last few jellyfish before the end.

The bear heads and obstacles are always in exactly the same place in each difficulty level, so if you practice, you should improve as you learn the best swimming pattern.
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Thank you so much! I really stink at Dive Bear Deep, especially in hard mode, but maybe after reading this I could improve. I never knew the traps could trap the eel. That's a great strategy too, thank you so beary much! ^^
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