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Exclamation Contest of All Contests!!! ended

This is not your normal contest and you will not be given a virtual prize. In celebration of the November bears, Cheeky Penguin, Hal and Holly Moose, the winner of this contest will receive a $20 gift card PMed to your Bearville Insider inbox for you to print out to use instores or online. Whichever you choose.

The contest starts today and will end on November 3rd at 11:59pm Eastern Time. You will receive your reward on November 6th.

One entry per person.

You will be required to write an essay on why you love BABV and BABW in no less than 150 words. The person with the best essay wins.

Good luck everyone.

For those who asked if it can be more than 150 words. Yes it can. It just can't be less than that.

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WOW that's very generous! Here is my entry!

Click the image to open in full size.
Why I love BABV/BABW

By KimberlyHappyHugs6/kattana12

When I first joined BABV last year up until this very moment, I have loved every second I’ve spent on BABV. When I got my first bear, Ella, it was an experince I will NEVER forget. My parents and I went to a resturaunt and as soon as I sat down I started bouncing up and down saying, "Can we go yet???" because we were going to go after we eat. I had always wanted a bear but my parents would always say they were too expensive. When we finally got to BABW I picked out a unicorn which I later named Ella. I stuffed her, bathed her, dressed her all that! It made me feel like I was getting a best friend I'd always have and love, and that was an awesome feeling. I was on the very first BABV as well. I remember theBear dress up game, give him a bath, ect. The whole thing was amazing. When we were in the car going home I would NOT put down my bear. I had bought a pink bed for her as well. I had registered to get an email from BABW to tell me when the new BABV would be up but never got it. Then I saw a comiceral on TV and was like, "Hey!!!" Then I rushed to my computer to join. I thought it was boring at first but then I started to discover cool things like fashions/giveaways and of course, this wonderful blog! I still have the outfit I first wore when I first joined! (Shown above) When I am on BABV its like no one can disturb me, I can just relax and havea good time. Also, I love how we can bring furry friends to life! It's like always having a beary best friend who you can always love and will be there for you. Yes, I do talk to my furry friends. I always feel safe playing on BABV too. Unlike other sites, BABV always moderates it 24/7. Its also fun because we can interact with other players and make new friends.The games are always fun and the places to visit are PAWSOME! Ever since I joined, I enjoyed every second of it. From the clothing to the furry friends, everything about BABV is super cool, especially the Jr.CyBearGuide program. It makes me feel so important! Now I have over 65 pages of inventory all together! BABV has tought everyone a beary important lesson-enjoy being a kid! Use your imagination! Be CREATIVE! Even adults play BABV which I think is very inspiring. When there are new updates, I ALWAYS rush to the computer first thing in the morning when I get up. Just ask my parents, they've witnessed it! I know BABV workers must work VERY hard to make sure we have a pawsome time(and they're doing a very good job!) and I thank them for that. I will never forget the happy times I've had in BABV. You may not like BABV but to me, BABV will always have a special place in my heart and my bear's of course. As you can see, this is why I love BABV.*

Click the image to open in full size.

Great contest! I hope I win!

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Red face Why I love BABV AND BABW

First of all, bears are brought to life! It's like having your own best friend who you can have fun with,tell your secrets to,and open up a whole world of imagination! Personally,when I'm with my bears, I feel like I'm getting away from all the problems in life. That's a great feeling to have.

And why I love BABV, it's because you can have fun,make friends with kids all over the world! You get to go on quests, have fun, and you're not just having fun, you're learning too! You're learning to interact with others in a safe society. BuildaBearVille is coming up with bearilliant ideas everyday, and working hard, so that's why I love BABV. When I go on BuildaBearVille, it's letting go of everything that's happening; like getting away to paradise or something. You come home, find yourself logging on BuildaBearVille, sitting down, relaxing, letting go of all the stress. You meet up with some friends,chat,dance,have fun, meeting nice people everyday.

Bears shouldn't be called "it". They should be called "my friend" or "they" or "he/she" They're true friends and can make you feel better when you're down.

That's why I love BABV and BABW!

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BABV has helped me to enjoy life more slowly not just rush through it. BABV has taught me that using my imagination, and that just being a kid is a good thing. There's never a good reason not to be a kid anymore! Those imaginary friends that you had in kindergarden come to life and some of the friends I have met in BABV are the best friends I will ever have. They offer you advice and are there for you without the everyday stresses I face with friends from school or other things.

People like the CyBearGuides and Chloe and Maxine are people that I wish I could meet in real life. They are my role models, and I am proud to have them as that. They are kind, helpful, paitent, and caring. All the qualities I'd love to have myself.

Playing games, earning money or prizes, decorating my condo, etc. Are great ways for kids to learn about real life and the roles they will play in socioty as they grow older. BABV is a great place where you can learn how to grow-up in a world with no pressures like in the real world. Especially with the upcoming election! How great is that? I am sure parents and teachers appreciate the fact that the kids are learning about the election even through a virtual gaming world!

BABV is a place full of education, fun, friends, and terrific role models. It even teaches kids spending/saving!

Some may call their bears "it" but, I like to call my bear by it's name or better yet, my best friend for life. A bear is someone you can go cry with when there is not another shoulder to cry on. A bear is someone to talk to, when no one else will listen. A bear will always be there for you when know one else is. I love all my bears with all my heart. And I love how I get to bring them to life on BABV and play with them there.

As for BABW it is an experience every kid dreams of. The chance to bring your new best friend to life yourself! Plus dress it and name it all done by YOU! I remember being 9 years old, my first BABW ever was a Pink Pig, I named her Oinky and I still have her.

All in all, BABV and BABW have taught me to enjoy life more slowly, it's ok to be a kid, use your imagination, and never take any type of friendship for granted. Especially ones you treasure most. And that is the best I can do to describe BABV and BABW in words... It means more to me then any words can describe so to sum it up I wanted to say one last thing: BABV and BABW are the best things that have happened to me and impacted my life. Thank you so much to everyone from BI and BABV and BABW, your effort and work has helped me enjoy my BABV, BABW and BI experience so much more then I could ever have imagined. Thank you!


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Why I Love Buildabearville
By KatieBeachBear3

BABV is a fun place for bears to live. There is never a shortage of fun or adventure and a new friend is always waiting to be made.
With my bear in my pack I traverse the terrain. My Bunny Princess and I are never far away since BABV was made. She is always there with me. You see, a few years ago I brought her to life, but not until recently have I brought her to life online. In early November, I printed out a new Birth Certificate at my local BABW and took it home eagerly to bring her to life online. I hadn't created my account so I chose a name that fit, KatieBeachBear, and made her look just like me. Just the right eyes, perfect hair, and a style to match! I started in Town Square and made my way over to Bearemy. He took me on a little tour and even gave me first quest to find all the Bear Heads. After this, I went inside the virtual BABW and talked to Champ, he helped me bring her to life and even gave me a special gift, 2000 BB, a new room for her, and my own CubCondo! I thought that this couldn't get better but I was beary wrong! I found out that I can chat with all of my friends and we can throw parties and play games! I love to fire off random emoticons while doing a Honey Shake or a Bunny Hop. More than once have I talked to Maxine & Chloe and I've heard many a story from Hannah Cybearguide. Recently I've earned my own Blue-Star hat and joined the ranks of a JCBG. I love helping new people find their way around and even meet some of my "real" friends online. Whenever I get a new code, I get so excited! Whether it be snow boots, emoticons, moves, or shirts, codes rock!
Whenever I am down, all of my furry friends put a smile on my face. BABV Rocks and nothing will ever change that!


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why i love babw and babv

As i started growing up i kinda felt left out by everyone in my family and friends. My cousins have all grown up and me stuck in the middle. A few days
ago on my summer vacation i went with my Dad and my little Sister know as DaniellaHeart6 in babv. we went pass build a bear workshop and i saw a high school musical bear, how did i notice, well my sister was in loved with BABW and everytime we went to the mall she went there everytime. Well back with the story my sister grabed the bear and told me to get one i was so foolish
i did not know if to get it or to not. I was so emberassed, what if one of my friends saw me and made fun of me in school. Well i dicided not to get one and right when my sister was about to fluff her bear. I change my mind, i got the bear and got in line. All the experience fluff it, take it a shower, dress it, and name it made me feel like a little kid and forgot about my worries. And suddenly i am so glad i got it. I love BABW ever since that moment, my first visit. When i got home i enter my bear online with my sister and now i am an addict, so much better than any other site. BABV made me realize that my bear adveture is never over. I love the chloe show, i love the virtual stuff, i love the places and the games. I want to thank BABW and BABV but especially my sister for everything. I love going to BABW with no worries and buy new clothes or get a new cool bear. My bear never leaves me felling alone, BABW rocks and BABV rockssss.

by -alexiszoom126

purple words equal 150 words

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Why I love BABW and BABV
By Champ

Well, this will be hard to start because I do not love BABW and BABW. Just kidding! When I first heard of Build-A-Bear Workshop, I thought it was just a store to buy bears. I realized it is much more than that. You get a new friend, the bears are adorable, there are so many big surprises and promotions, and the clothing is so stylish and cute!! All of the furry friends from BABW are just so cute because they all have a beary friendly smile, and an even better bear hug!
I love Buildabearville too! Most interactive games online are not moderated like BABV. BABV is so safe, and it is almost impossible to say bad words. Although some people manage to say bad things, BABV staff still does their beary best to make BABV the funnest online game ever! Here is why it is the funnest online game ever. When I first started playing BABV, it was so boring and I hardly ever went on it. I thought it was really ******, but then I started going on it a little more. I realized it was so much fun before I even knew all of the fun features. When I realized all of the fun features, I was so excited and started going on BABV every single day! I didn't even know how to buy clothes and I was happy! When I learned how to buy clothes finally, I was even more excited, and I still didn't know there was such thing as rare stuff. When I got my first rare item, I was introduced to PSIs and was so happy that I had one! Now, I love BABV so much because there are special guests like ChloeRocks, Shea, and even Maxine, the creator of BABW and BABV comes online, and I think that is so awesome! I also love all of the special events in BABV, like the secret places, Jr. Cybearguide program, Chloe Show, Bear characters giving away free things or setting you on a quest, all of the codes, new moves, and more! I can't even explain everything because everything in BABV is so PAWSOME! I love the bear language. Only people who go on BABV understand what in the world I am talking about when I say PAWSOME, BEARY, BEARRIFIC, BEARILLIANT, and CUBGRATULATIONS. To sum my essay up, BABV and BABW aren't just an online game and a place. They become a great, happy, fun part of your life.

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Why I love BABV and BABW

I really like BABV and BABW. Here is the story of how I got to know and love BABV and BABW! A few years ago one of my friends was having a party at BABW and she invited me. I had never heard about BABW much before, and had never been there. I couldn't wait. When the party began, I was extremely happy and excited! I had never seen such a "Beariffic" place before. I looked everywhere. All around me I saw red, yellow and blue. Finally we got to choose our bears! At first I thought it was a little scary that there were empty bear skins, though. After a while, I decided to choose the Lil' Vanilla Cub because it's fur was so soft and it was beary cute. When it was time to stuff the bears, I chose a medium stuffing size and I chose the silky, red heart. Then it was time for the last thing--the birth certificate! I named my bear Alexander. This bear will always be most special to me because it is the first BAB I made. A while after I made Alexander, about this January, I was exploring on and found BABV. I made some really good friends on BABV, plus I found BABV blog. I really love that you can bring your bears online, too! That's why I love BABV and BABW.

Hope you like it!

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Why I ♥ BABV & BABW!
by: HannahBearAthlete10

♦To start with, a year ago I never even heard of BABW. It was my sister who, I have to say, got me "hooked" to BABW. On our family vacation she and my little brother each got one adorable BAB. At that Mall, in that BABW, there "happened" to be a polar bear. I loved that polar bear, and it broke my heart just for me to leave. I waited about 4 months, 4 months for that BAB. Christmas come around, I got a gift card to BABW, and I got my polar bear the very next day! It was wonderful! Then I heard about BABV, Oh Boy! It was brand new, fresh, and of course exciting! I love the fun games, and every so often they come out with a new one. I love itthat you can see Maxine, Chloe, and MaxineBearLucky. That BABV changes every season, the fountain prizes, the new clothes, furni, shoes. I love the Bearville Insider that we can hang out with people, the people we chat with each day. It has been so much fun!
I got a heart bear this summer, when we went on our vacation to Disneyland. It felt even more special when you get a BAB at a magical place! I love the special reward you get when you put your furry friend online. Can't wait untill the future of BABV & BABW! ♦
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Why I love BABV and BABW

My number one reason, is because I love to chat with people and BABV and BABW makes it possible! I love to meet new people, and people who like the things I like .. Such as in babv, every one loves it there! And why wouldn't they? There is SOOO much to do! And SOOO many new people to meet! And there's cool moves,smileyz, and PAWSOME items!While I'm playing i forget all the troubles in life and just cool off.. its a nice place to turn to, when your upset.I enjoy waking up in the morning and thinking, what will babv have in store for me today?! It's so much fun! And I have met many new people just by playing! And all the people are different! Every day is something new to experience. Something fun, and exciting . And you get to customize your person! Make it its own unique creation . No one can TRULEY be you . Your bears can also be customized! So your bear can have its own style to! It's a fun place for every one! Girls,boys,children,young adults, and grown ups! Its so fun and easy to play any one can play it !Its like no other site I have ever played before!

Oh, don't get me started about babw. They are so nice in that place! That is my first stop when i go to the mall! I just HAVE to go! Because they always welcome you with a friendly smile, and a welcoming wave. And when you have any questions, they go out of their way to answer them! When you want your bear to try something on, they allow you to open the package, even if your not going to buy it! Which I think is like... just plain cool, because many places won't let you open things, and since you can do that in babw, you can be "beary" satisfied in what your buying! Just by looking at my room, you can tell I love Babv, and babw! Because on my bed i have like 5 bears, then I have 10 on the ground with some tea . And my others are in a play pen,playing! In total I have 31 bears! You JUST GOTTA love them to have so many! And 31 SO says it!

I am so glad i discoverd Babv! Its my true hobbie, that I love and adore, I never wanna stop!

I hope you liked my essay... I am not sure if its 150+ but i am pretty sure it is . Also sorry for the smileyz in it xD.

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