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BABV Hidden Bear Head Quest

Hidden Bear Head Quest

Ancient Ruins Quest Cheats

Ancient Ruins Quest








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  • BrendanBear110

    I can’t belive it took me only 1 week to complete both quests =)

    • Kaitlyn

      I finished both of those in one hour. :)

      • http://BEARVILLE RACHEL


        • http://BEARVILLE RACHEL

          HOW DID YOU DO IT

          • Ali Gue

            Yeah how did you do it it seems hard to me.

      • http://www.buildvilleinsider.com kaitlyn

        you have same name is me

    • isabell

      how do you finish theAncient Egypt quest?

    • BriannePaws11

      I finished both of them in 20 minutes. Beat that! :) Lolzz ! No hard feelings!

  • http://bearville mya

    hi,I wanted to say that i’ve never been on bearville before and I would like to try to have fun on bearville .com when i join in

    • Elaineheer15

      You can try playing bearville.Its fun to walk around and play games and do quest. But if you have a furry friend it be more fun. you get the money to spent,cub condo and you have your furry friend.

    • http://yahoo Lilly flower

      It is so fun making your on character!!!!!!!when you do get on bearville just remember to have fun!!!=D

    • BriannePaws11

      Oh! Bearville Rocks!

  • Elaineheer15

    Anyone of you knows how to do Jungle Ruins Quest?

    • http://www.BabvMania.webs.com KaceyFluff22

      I tried… but hard! i quit the quest! Um…. What’s the PRIZE?

      • Allyson

        idk! i haven’t been able to figure out either of them they are too hard! i am guessing you just get like bear bills or something like that. see ya duders!

        • aliadorable163

          You get 500 bearbills for doing the Jungle Ruins Quest.

      • http://Bearville ashleyocean163


      • kalynteddytunes

        the bearemy quest you get a tee shirt the ancent ruins you get 500 bb

      • BriannePaws11

        500 Bearbills . I can’t believe you think it’s hard. Not trying to be mean or anything.

    • elainecheer13

      I was wondering too. How to do it?

  • http://twilightro cloecheerbear16

    how do i get my team at camp happy heart 2011! ?

  • tati

    when you go to the cabin and click the pink bear they give you a move, a shirt and a ice cream and the gifts tell you the team you are on

    • HannahIMsweet59

      U have to sign up for camp First and then after they bears talk to you they give you a Water Ballon move & and you team emotion , team shirt.

  • chrissycuddle9

    does anybody know the ice cream bear quest ?????

    • abbiebearysmart82

      i found one on the dock by the beach. i could not find anymore outside, i wonder if some are inside buildings!!!

    • Haleyhearts24

      How do you start this quest?

  • abbiebearysmart82

    i found them all
    1 dock @ beach
    2 outside of sportsplex
    3 skate park
    4 bearville outfitters
    5 pawlette coufur boutique

    i hope this helps others

    • Allyson

      yeah thanks a lot now i have two blue slides lol

      • HelloKitty23

        anybody know how to get a pool? :1

        • http://buildabearville MirandaCocoa249


    • http://www.bearvilleinsiders.com Jasmine

      cant find them all

    • http://buildabearville abby

      me too its hard i never been here before untill i heard about it in buildabearworkshop

    • http://buildabearville abby


      • http://buildabearville abby

        i mean i know u found then but don t tell where they are people have to find them

  • Allyson

    hey peeps a lot of the prizes are junk to me but some are cool so, yeah. . .

    • http://buildabearville abby

      there not junk they probley sound like kunk but they aren t


  • Jennifer

    Hey… I tried clicking the leopard in the Library but all he said was,”Hello there! I hope you are enjoying all the Pawsome features our Libeary has to offer!” And I have no other choice but to click OK. UGH! I only get to do ONE quest then I can’t do more? I didn’t even get to to the Egypt one!!!! (Shown as the second picture above this page I think) I kept clicking. and clicking, and clicking, (next week), and clicking and clicking! He said the old phrase again and again! Someone explain what happened!

    • HelloKitty23

      You can only do one. I know! It stinks, but I know because i’ve been playing since Bearville was even starting up. And it used be called Build-A-Bearville, now its Bearville. :(



      • http://buildabearville MirandaCocoa249

        it is i sure miss buildabearville haha your funny

      • maggie

        i did both quest you get 500 for each one i think you have to wait a month in between each quest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://buildabearville MirandaCocoa249

      the same thing happened to me when i finished the egypt quest and i wanted to start the junglre ruins so what i did is i just waited and waited like i dont know how long but i came back and i did the jungle ruins its hard do you know what prize you get

    • http://buildabearville abby

      he does every time get use to it knock knock


    • sandyverybeary3

      if you go to that leopard with a different pet in your back pack you can do a different quest

  • http://bearville the questionaire

    where is the summer quest

    • http://buildabearville abby

      theres no

  • hguifgweu

    something has gone strange on my account, a speech bubble with three dots apearing has followed me around and it stays in the same place evrytime!!!!!!


    • http://buildabearville MirandaCocoa249

      i know that happens alot it just meaans there a different chat type then yours i dont really know why it follows you everywhere but dont worry it happens to me every time i go to the coffe shop.

    • http://buildabearville abby

      that is werid anyone want to be my friend here my name is abbysoccerbear400 in buildabearville just send me a bearmail add me please no one
      is nice to me


  • HelloKitty23


    I just registered on Bearville Insider.
    I have a question,
    why can’t I do any forums and stuff like that? I keep getting messages and I activated my account. I really want to be part of the Writing Club. :(
    Someone plz help.

    • http://buildabearville abby

      be friends with me this second now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      my thing is abbysoccerbear400 send me a bearmail


  • brianna love

    wow… i never knew there were cheats

  • brianna love

    ummm………wo has a city gardren

    • http://buildabearville abby

      i do i never plant

  • brianna love

    ouch i fell off da bed\

    • http://buildabearville MirandaCocoa249

      thats um interesting

      • http://buildabearville MirandaCocoa249

        :] I just learned how to do a smiley face

        • Evelyn

          :) :o ) ;) :P :D :O haha You have so much to learn :) !

    • Evelyn


  • sportsbear

    How do I do the ice cream bear quest. Where do i go to start it?

    • Jalila

      Go to the camp and you will get on one of the four teams. Do your list of things everyday to earn points (don’t furget to wear you team shirt or else you won’t earn the points! :( ) GL!

  • http://Bearville ThaliaBlue114


  • Jalila

    Go to the camp and you will get on one of the four teams.

  • http://buildabearville tania

    cant anyone talk about somethin new like hot to do the smurf quest i got only two keys.one from the castle and near somewhere friendship forest so some body put somethin new. :)

    • http://bearville.com minako

      the one i can not find is the one that is standing right next to me lolz!!!!!

    • MichelleArtsy39

      There are two in the friendship forest that I found. One is in the meadow, and the other is in Friendship Forest Park. I can’t find any more besides the other one in the castle…

  • emmieadventurebear124

    I found them all and here they are ….neighborhood, castle, friendship forest, meadow, anf i can’t remember the last one so sorry

    by the way you can do more than 1 quest if you have a teddy that was bought before 2008

  • emmieadventurebear124

    the last is on the dock

  • http://bearville.com laxer

    i am minako i am changing to laxer

  • MichelleArtsy39

    Wait, I found the last one in the theatre.

  • http://BearvilleInsider EmelyBubbleBear18

    Just Do Bearville Cheats On YOUtube (: ADD me on bearville and youtube LPSbabw2011

  • RebeccaHoneyDay3

    Hey, I’ve completed these! Those were fun, and this website totally helped me. [Hey, if you go into the CAVE, and click on the apple in the tree, you actually get it in your food and actions tab, plus 10 bear bills! And, if you click on the same tree {again}, the 1st hole next to log, the hole on the log, the dog bone pond, ,and the tree 2nd to the right {from the exit to the farm}, and the bush nearest to the 3 holes in the cliff, you get get 10 bearbills!{Remember, it for each item you click that you get 10 bearbills. So if you click all of the places, then you get 60 bearbills total, plus an apple!)]

  • http://buildabearville Zoe

    I luv Buildabearville!

  • http://Bearville Big-Brother

    I Love BaBw!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I Have completed these quests. reply and i will tell you how.

    • http://www.facebook.com giselle

      how please tell me hey you know what if you go to sportsplex and click on the man just click on all the little boxes then put done and it says you won 100.00 bearbills =) do it every single day

  • http://bearvilleinsider hai

    i :) about this

  • http://Buildabearville.co.uk isabelle2hip457

    i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve buildabear i cant wait to christmas because theres the chistmas thing to vist

  • http://bearville haley

    i finished both of them in one day. the acient ruins i finished in 20 minutes and the bear head one i finished in 4 minutes. note this: the acient ruins quest is VERY hard. But you will get it once you figured it out =)

  • http://att lily

    :) ;) :( :@ :D

  • http://att lily


  • http://Bearville Mommy’s girl

    I have completed the bear heads quest in 3 minutes because it was very easy.
    If you go to the skate park click on the brown sugar puppy. His quest is to beat his high score in fast paw, I don’t know what he gives you in return,sorry.

    xoxo, Mommy’s girl

  • makya

    how do i clean my bear on bearville.com

  • elainecheer13

    Do anyone know how to get the last gem for Jungle Ruins quest? I tried searching for it but all the people says, ” Play the pie eating contest. You must lose in the game but if you quit, you will nt be able to get it.” I tried but it didn’t work. I played too long that my mom when scolding me for playing tooo long on the computer. Errrrrrrr…….

  • Rose :)

    Idk how to get the last jem. I can’t ever get the first lol. ;)

  • AaronAwesome5089

    Does anyone know how you can get your furry friend to walk next to you and travel with you everywhere except for in your backpack. Sometimes I want him to walk around and not in the backpack all the time

  • http://NA KIRSTY


    • Caitlyn

      does anyone know were the best chests are????????????

  • Emilyperez0620


  • Maddiepurrfect10


    • Emily


  • Jamie Switzer

    how come my chat is locked it won’t let me pick another chat but everyone else can.

    • Skyrose162

      you can only use the words that are there or you need to upgrade your computer or u are on a no chatting server

  • starbearpaw110

    @jamieswitzer maybe because when you register your parents let you have that type of chat and if you ask your parents to have another type change it and they will approve it

  • Timothyfluffyfriend1

    They are still so easy!!

    • Emily

      i know

  • Timothyfluffyfriend1

    They where always easy guys lets chat.

  • Timothyfluffyfriend1

    fuck bearville

    • Renpro19

      Watch the language. Kids come to this site and they don’t need to see this! If you don’t like Bearville, don’t visit. If you need to cuss, go somewhere else!

      • ILOVEJB

        What the heck!!!! I can cuss if I want!! (even though I am only 10 I still know a lot of words!)

        • Honeybee

          its still wrong because you don`t realy need to there is no real reason you just use slang its better!

        • Pamie

          im only 10

        • hbjcla

          dont cuss u fucker sorry i am just really mad

          • zeta

            dude you just cussed again

        • sunshine123

          So what? Don’t use those words!

  • MillyPinkie

    Wow! Bearville is pawsome and great!


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TLWKMRYQDD2MIWG34XDDT5G2OI Trien

    It s Too Hard.

    • Emily


  • Sarah Allen 70602


  • sarah

    I am sarah2hip5209 in build a bear ville. Add me!!

    • WaltDecember

      OK I’m WaltDecember add me too!!!!!!!!!

  • Gisellepili

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