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Find the Bear Heads Quest


This guide is for the “10 Bear Heads Quest”, which can be accessed by anyone in Build-a-Bearville! At the end, you will receive an Exclusive Shirt!

If you need help finding the bear heads in Bearville, you’ve come to the right place! Read more for all 10 locations, with a pictorial guide!To begin the quest, you must visit “Bearemy” in the Town Square. He will ask you if you want to take a tour. Just say “Yes” and then click the “Red X” to close the tour. Speak to him again and he will ask you if you want to try a quest.

There are 10 Bear Heads hidden all around Build-a-Bearville. They look like shadows and blend very well in to the decor of each area. Since you are already in the Town Square, we’ll start with the nearest one!

1. The first one can be found right in the town square, on the left awning, above the Build-a-Bear Workshop store! (Shown in picture below)

Go in to the Build-a-Bear Workshop store.

2. The second one can be found on top of the “stuffing machine” in the Build-a-Bear Workshop store.

Now click on the map and head to “Furbulous Fashion District”

3. The third one can be found in the “garden” above the coffee shop, just next to the tree.

Go in to the “Pawlette Coufur Boutique”

4. The fourth one can be found above the dressing area.

Use the map and head to the “Friendship Forest Park” in “Friendship Forest”

5. The fifth one can be found in the grass behind the bench one the left of your screen.

Use the map and go to “Bear University”

6. The sixth one can be found on a ledge above the left entrance on the left of your screen

Use the map and go to “Sportsplex”

7. The seventh one can be found on the upper part of your screen, where the “blue and white edge” of the racetrack ends, just behind the bleachers.

Use the map and go to “Neighborhood”

8. The eighth one can be found on the roof of the yellow-colored building on the right, in the grass.

Use the map and go to “Paw Park”

9. The ninth one can be found in the dirt of the flower bed on the lower left part of your screen

Use the map and go to “Pawforming Arts Center”

10. The final, tenth one can be found on the body of the left “Bear Topiary” on the left of your screen

Use the map and head back to the “Town Square” and speak to Bearemy again. He’ll congratulate you for completing the quest and award you with an exclusive T-shirt!

  • http://bearville Vanessa

    There is no heads I checked everywhere and there were no heads at all its likr if THEY NEVER EXISTED OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://bearvilleinsider.com taylor

      me to i only saw #1 not the rest

    • Anomymous

      There the old ones theres new ones

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  • hguifgweu

    Really wierd bearemy said to me 5 HEADS!!!!

  • Heyyyyyyyy

    Is this supposed to be a joke?!?!?!?!?!?! Cuz i went on and the 1st “bear head” IS BEING BLOCKED BY A STUPID ICE CREAM TRUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://buildabearville MirandaCocoa249

      haha not anymore

  • Guest

    May I say something to all of you? Watch the anger. As for whoever posted this, there are only 5 heads, but some of your places were correct.

  • celine

    i dont see the blue ones

  • http://www.bearville.com ChiaraAlohaBear6

    I found them all but not from here. They must have hide it in different places.

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    THis is a cool quest!! <3

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    I found my bearheads in other places!!

    • khayla

      me too they need to do the 2011 edition

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      me too!

  • Minimeredhead

    you need to give the clues you found them with

  • Kae-Kae

    I can’t find them and there’s only 5 heads now ???

  • PB&J

    this was so helpful of where i should look but when i did they weren’t in the order on bearville as on here

  • Helena

    this is soooooooo wrong I think i dont know I joined bearville in 2010 the 1st ones right

  • Hollycute228

    how bout if you already got that top without doing any quests??

  • Delilah

    Can somebody do the 2012 edition?

    • BrittneyAdventureBear52333

      Of course, The first one is at the Town Square, Second one is in the neighborhood
      Those are the only one’s I know but i’ll update sometimes

  • marieallheart481

    (2012) right now they are in the town squar, then the neighborhood, fashion district, then the mall, and finnaly the sportsplex ;)

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  • awesome sauce

    that shirt is not exclusive i have it and never heard of this or done it

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    we need to have more games and quest like this but i am new on this site so help me go along

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    I click bearemy but nothing happens

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    what about the 2013 one? i tryed the second place and its 2013 its not there!

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      1 is town square 2 neighborhood 3 fashoin direct kinda on the cofe shop there you go three places

      • alishamay198

        thanks friend

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    What do you do like how do you visit Bearemy I tried to click him nothing happend

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    i already did this like in feb. 2012

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