2011Jun 04



Hidden Bear Head Quest

  • Rhiannon

    10 Bear Heads

    These are where the Bear Heads are hidden:

    1. Neighborhood Roof (near the chimney)
    2. Build a Bear Workshop Roof (on the blue curtain)
    3. Coffee Shop Roof
    4. Sportsplex on the grass after racetrack to the right
    5. Paw Park (in the big flower pot)
    6. Friendship Forest (behind the bench)
    7. Bear University (on the roof above the door)
    8. Inside BABW Workshop (on top of the stuffing machine)
    9. Inside Pawlette Coufur Boutique (All the way up on the wood)
    10. Outside Pawforming Arts Center (on the bear bush to the left)

  • Kjones2462


  • Kjones2462

    what’s up everyone

  • Emmy

    There is a bear head in town square. That’s all I know. Sorry.