2011May 23

Jungle Ruins Quest


  • http://www.bearville.com/Home/World BriannePaws11

    I need to know where all of the gems are in Jungle Ruins! I can find the one that says ” You might have to run home.” Thanks! PLZ Help!

  • http://bearville.com laxer

    it means go 2 the naborhood

  • elainecheer13

    Even i tried going to neighbour hood, i does not work!

  • elainecheer13

    i mean it does not work

  • kelly

    it means that you have to play baseball when it says run home it means homerun

  • http://bearville louisa

    i need to know where the fifth gem is the one where “You may run home to find this one!”

  • http://bearville louisa

    tell me now

  • http://bearville louisa

    hey elainecheer13 have you found it yet the jewel if you have,

  • Tiediepenguin

    where is the first gem

  • Hxfhxf

    where under water is the first gem

    • Jennyadventurebear606

      it’s in the game in the paw park the one that you use your furry friend to swim away from an eel

  • Uzenski

    go to paw park and play dive beary deep and at the end of the game you will get the first game

    • Lily

      wait do u have to win the game on a certain level because i cant get the gem

  • Alex

    i played and finished dive beary deep and i didnt get anything.Do i have to play a certain level?

  • Holly Yellow

    where is the 2nd jewel

  • BrittneyAdventureBear52333

    Where are the Jewls

  • fluffy

    To get the 1st gem play dive beary deep and in the game youll find something and go threw it

  • fluffy

    Were is the second! What game?

  • Jaggy Jaugar Jordan

    i play dive beary deep but theres no gem how do get it

  • toriapril387

    5th gem!!! I cant even find the 2nd!!!

    • caitmarie

      its the racing game

  • caitmarie

    wheres the first jem

  • kasie

    I got the 1st jewle but its not in my inventory

  • Perrie edwards

    I played baseball and got a home run but no jem