2011Jun 27

BuildaBear Workshop previewed the upcoming “Kids Are in Bed” sales event occurring tomorrow (Tuesday) evening June 28th from 8pm to 2am CST.  This info was posted on the BABW Facebook page and everyone who is a Facebook fan will have an exclusive opportunity to purchase a cute new billy goat before it is available to the public.  

Remember you must be a Facebook fan of BuildaBear Workshop in order to participate.  Thanks to forum member chantellefurshion for mentioning this on our site!


2011Jun 21

UPDATE 6/27/11:  The Mystery Bunny has been identified thanks to forum member cuddles2000!  While visiting her local BuildaBear store, she received a flyer with information on some new bears being released this summer.  Included on the flyer was information about a collection of “BFF” bears….and the pink bunny is one of them!  Thanks so much for solving the mystery.

A few of our members have reported spotting a mystery bunny rabbit in Bearville today.  She is dressed in a school outfit and holding what appears to be a golden ticket.  What could this mean?  Is it a new bear for back to school?  Only time will tell…..

UPDATE:  The mystery bunny has now disappeared from Bearville!  That makes it even more of a mystery…..


2011Jun 21

Today is officially the first day of summer!  In honor of this special day, make sure to stop by and visit Bearemy today to receive a special Floral Summer Rug for your cub condo.  Thank you to forum member savanahcute25 for sharing this information!


2011Jun 20

Pre-registration is now open for the 2011 Camp Happy Heart competition!  The actual Camp begins on July 1, 2011 so be sure to get your name in before then.  Several BI forum members have been actively organizing teams so if you are searching for a team, be sure to check out the Camp Happy Heart forum located in our Special Events section.

There is also a 2011 Camp Happy Heart quest.  If you click on the Blizzard Bear located outside of the floating cabin you will see the starting point.  Thanks to member mickeyquack for the info! 

Completing the quest will earn you five points for your team as well as a new blue slide (shown below)!


2011Jun 15

For those of you who have been waiting, the special edition Dairy Queen Blizzard Bears are now available for sale on the US BuildABear workshop site.  Pricing is 2 for $38 or $22 each. 


2011Jun 14

The banner on our forum is a little outdated, so we are holding another contest to design a banner with a summer theme.  The winner will receive a code for the fashionable Colorful Peace Bear!  All entrants will be eligible to also win an England Wall Chart code.  Be sure to visit the CONTEST THREAD located in the contest section of the forum for full details.  The contest ends July 15th.  Good luck!


2011Jun 13

Thank you to forum member christmas for compiling a list of all fountain prizes available in Bearville this month, June 2011.  Unfortunately most of them are repeats from previous months, but at least you might be able to grab a few items you may have missed in the past.


2011Jun 07

buildabear small frys

New Smallfrys for July - Click to enlarge

Thanks to kassiered from our Bearville Forum for the pawsome news and pictures about a new Small Frys series coming to Build-a-Bear Workshop!

As you can see on the left (click to enlarge the picture to full-size), there are 7 new Build-a-Bear Smallfrys coming, and they’re going to be some of the most popular yet!

One of our resident Bear Builders here on Bearville Insider (karenbearhug) also let us know that this series of Small Frys will be released in July, 2011, and that there will be 2 more Small Fry groups released later this year!

bab small fry july outfits

Small Fry Outfits - Click to enlarge

From left to right, we have the:

  • “I’m Fabulous” Pink Monkey
  • Hip Hippo
  • Curly Rabbit
  • Enchanted Dragon
  • “Chilly Cheeks” Penguin
  • Grey Cat
  • “Colorful Hearts” Bear
Kassiered also posted the image on the right, showing the Small Frys in new clothing items that will be coming with them. It only shows the top part of each outfit, but if you look closely, you can get a good idea of what’s to come.


2011May 23

Thanks to AshtonCyBearGuide in our Bearville Forums, we can inform you that there’s currently a glitch in the new Tabby Cat Drink Quest. The Tabby Cat Quest starts in the Tiki Hut at Sunshine Shores Cave. You have to find 3 ingredients hidden around Bearville so the Tabby Cat Bear can mix you a Special Cool Cat Summer Drink.

Here’s what Ashton had to say:

Hello everyone,
Today, we caught a couple of glitches in the Tabby Cat Drink Quest.

  1. In Maxine’s Condo, the hint says, “Hot” even though the item is not really there.
  2. After fetching one of the quest items from a certain location, the indicator still shows, “Hot”. While this is not supposed to show as is, in the mean time, you may have to move to a different location to reset the indicator.

We are working on these bugs as I write this.

We’ll let you know once the glitches have been corrected!


2011May 18

free zebra hoodieThanks to laurenblue50 and ajadorable55013 from our Bearville Insider Forum for letting us know about an update to the Bearville Zoo!

As soon as you enter the Zoo, you’ll be awarded a free Zebra Print Hoodie just for visiting!

Someone now welcomes you with a cute koala crawling all over him. Spend a minute or two watching the koala interact with the character, he’ll take the pith helmet and put it on his own head!

Head further into the zoo to see the other new animals in the park. [click to continue…]