2012May 22

If you haven’t already done so, you’ll want to swing by the Bearville Zoo.  In addition to seeing all the fun animals, you’ll also receive a free gift…a cute lion hat!  Thanks to forum member LizzieAsparagus for passing along the information for everyone to enjoy.


2012May 09

As many of our avid Bearville Insider members may already be aware, the Farm opened a couple of days ago.  If you head over to the barn you will be awarded a small vegetable stand for your Cub Condo.  When you click on the cow you will receive a glass of milk too!  You can click on him daily.  The pig will give you truffles and he can be visited daily for a sweet treat.  The lamb is giving out wool sweaters the first time you click on it!  One of the most popular new features is the horse ride.  Click on the horse and go for a ride!  If you return within five minutes you will earn 100 bear bills and a horseshoe.  You can ride the horse once per day.  Thanks to forum member christmas for providing the attached photos of the new features!

If you head over to the Farmers Mini Market there are several types of seeds that can be purchased. The hydrangea has returned along with a new tulip seed, which can be harvested into a potted tulip plant.  Perfect for spring!   The tulips are pink and the pot is terracotta. They are also available for purchase at the city garden cart and the Lumbearyard.

At Bearville Outfitters the new tractor ride has arrived and costs 5 credits.   There are also carousel pigs and cows in the furniture section now.  In the clothing section, Farmers Market overalls and a Farmers Market tee shirt are available for both you and your furry friend.   At Pawlette’s Coufur there is a new wicker basket in addition to a pig purse.  There are also farm shirts, farm dresses and farming overalls!  Make sure to check it out and get your farm on!


2012May 07

Don’t forget to swing by the University soon to pick up your Class of 2012 Cele-BEAR-ation gift.  It’s a graduation emoticon and it’s only available for a limited time!  When you enter the university you will automatically receive the reward. 

Also, Tuesday, May 8th is National Teacher Appreciation Day.  Visit the University and click on the chair to get a free package of Apple seeds.  Note: The Bearville Times mistakenly listed the date as May 3rd, but it is actually May 8th.


2012May 07

Special thanks to forum member awesomechic for passing along the information on the gifts available this month (May 2012) from Maxine, Miguel, Chloe and Greentracks in Bearville!  Find each of them to receive a cute sun hat.  Maxine is giving out the red hat, Miguel the blue hat, Greentracks the green hat and Chloe the yellow hat.  Keep an eye on the Bearville Insider forum for sightings of these characters in game!


2012Apr 30

If you haven’t already noticed, there is a new Meerkat roaming the streets of Bearville these days.  Several other Zoo animals will soon be available as well, including a Llama, Red Fox, Black Sting Ray, Snow Leopard, Monkey and Lion!  The Zoo Animals are only available for purchase at the St. Louis Zoo, but they sure are cute.  Thanks to forum members kassiered and TeddyBearGirl for passing along the information.  Here’s a photo of the Meerkat:


2012Apr 10

Build A Bear is bringing us a fantastic “Furbulous Fashion Design Contest” that runs from April 9 through May 3, 2012.  The purpose of the contest is to create some new outfits for Pawlette and Bearemy.  Entrants must be between the ages of 5 and 15.  

Two Grand Prizes will be awarded, consisiting of:

  1. A $5,000 Scholarship
  2. A 4 day, 3 night trip to NYC for the Thanksgiving Day Parade
  3. A furry friend sized version of your design
  4. A $50 Bear Bucks card

Twelve second place prizes will be awarded, consisting of:

  1. A $50 Bear Bucks card

Forty-eight third place prizes will be awarded, consisting of:

  1. A $25 Bear Bucks card

We’d love to see a Bearville Insider member win!  If you win the trip to NYC, you might even be able to meet the Bearville Insider creator, Justin! 

The entry form can be found HERE or you may also visit any Build A Bear Workshop store to enter.  No purchase necessary!


2012Apr 10

Thanks to forum member Marshmallow.Unicorn for letting us know that a new Pig Purse and Lamb Hat are available at Pawlette’s just in time for Spring!  The items will certainly brighten up your wardrobe and we all have to admit the pig purse (shown below) is pretty unique!


2012Mar 14

Spring is upon us and it’s time to get that Spring Cleaning done!  We’re offering a spectacular spring contest for our forum members here at Bearville Insider.  We are giving away several fantastic prizes, including: (1) Six Month VIB Membership valued at $25, (2) $10 Bearville Outfitters Credits and (2) Build A Bear Nintendo Wii or Nintendo DS games!  That’s over $100 in great prizes.  To enter, visit THIS thread located in the contest section of the forum.  Remember that you must be a forum member to participate so make sure to join if you have not already done so.  The contest ends on April 15, 2012.  Good luck to all!


2012Mar 13

If you’ve ever noticed the cute little Tropical Bears roaming around Bearville, you may have wondered where they can be purchased.  Thanks to forum member sarabeth2hip24 for starting the conversation to help solve the mystery.  The bear shown below is called the Tropical Bear and it can be found in several warm climate vacation destinations.  Reported spottings include Myrtle Beach, Florida and Puerto Rico.  The location the bear is purchased at is stitched on its foot, though all bears look the same in Bearville.  Here is a photo of the Tropical Bear.  If you’re lucky enough to bask in the warm weather over Spring Break, make sure to look for one of these!


2012Mar 06

Today’s is Maxine’s birthday!  The staff and members here at Bearville Insider would like to wish her a great day and thank her once again for bringing us BuildaBear and Bearville.  The Fountain is free play all day today.  Also, if you visit Maxine’s Cub Condo today you will receive a free party hat!  We sent her an email to wish her a happy birthday and Maxine responded by saying, “THANK YOU SO BEARY MUCH!”