2012Feb 28

Thanks to several members of the Bearville Insider forum for pointing out a couple new hair and face styles that appeared in the Bee Stylin’ Salon over the weekend.  The hair style has a Celtic feel just in time for St. Patricks Day and the face has a cheerful, surprised look.  Check out the new styles below:



2012Feb 16

Thank you to LocoBananas for making us aware of a recent Facebook post by Maxine displaying some new concept toys from the 2012 Toy Convention!  Credit for this image goes to cooltoyreview. com.  Apparently these toys are being manufactured by the Playmates company and will be available at Target this summer.  Like all Build a Bear toys, they’ll likely include an online code.

For more information, photos, and to see what other forum members are saying about this new development, please visit THIS thread located in our forum.


2012Feb 02

The Store Fur All Seasons has been reopened in time for Valentine’s Day!  There are some new items available this year in the clothing and furniture categories.  Make sure to check it out!  Thanks to member Cheri3 for letting us know.


2012Jan 20

Forum member Christmas let us know there are great incentives to continue checking out the Jr Cybearguide Convention.  All Jr Cybearguides who log in 10 days will recieve the Glowing Star Tee shown below.  Also, if you log in for 15 days you will receive a credit!  Also, Chloe has confirmed that the Claw Machine is giving out occasional rare items so be sure to take your turns on that game also.


2012Jan 20

Build A Bear has announced that Build A Bear “Minis” will be returning to McDonald’s Happy Meals starting in February.  The toys come with a code to be used in Bearville and were a hit last time they were offered.  Thanks to MeghanMusicLuvr28 for passing this information along to us!  Remember that McDonalds also offers healthy meal choices in those Happy Meals too!


2012Jan 12

The 2012 Jr Cybearguide convention is now underway in Bearville, so if you are a Jr Cybearguide make sure to check out the action.  All Jr Cybearguides will receive information about the convention as they log in.  They will be directed to the Pawforming Arts Center as shown below.  As you can see, participants have the option of picking up a yummy star cookie treat, earning a new star hoodie and completing a new quest.  It’s a fantastic event to reward the volunteer Jr Cybearguides for their extra help during the year! 


2012Jan 12

Bearville fans woke up to a new visitor in Town Square today…the Red Hello Kitty!  She’s hanging out there just waiting for you to visit.  If you click on her, you get a nifty new red Hello Kitty chair.  Make sure to swing by and get yours before she moves on.  Thanks to forum member MeghanMusicLuvr28 for reporting on this!


2012Jan 11

A special thanks to forum member Christmas for providing another useful monthly guide to the fountain prizes.  This one is for January 2012 as shown below.  There are two brand new prizes this month, the Plaid Snow Hat and the Festive Blue Rug.  Make sure you pick those up if you haven’t already!


2012Jan 06

It’s January 6th, and just like our Bearville Times indicated there is a brand new quest available in Bearville.  The quest is called the “Kisses for You Puppy Quest” in honor of the upcoming new Valentine’s Puppy.  If you complete the quest you will get an awesome heart swirl table!  Remember, if you ever need assistance on any Bearville related quests or challenges you can visit the Quest/Challenge section of our forum here at Bearville Insider!


2012Jan 05

The Victoria Justice fans out there will be thrilled that a new bear is being released in her honor on January 20th.  Several forum members reported the news after seeing the recent mailer.  The bear’s PSI is a Purple and White Star Hoodie.  Definitely a must have for Victoria lovers!