2011Sep 02

The management here at Bearville Insider just wanted to give you all a quick reminder that the Bearville Zoo will have open access from September 2-11.  That means that everyone can get in, VIB or not!  Be sure to check it out when you get the chance as the doors open today!  All of those who visit the Zoo will also receive a free Topiary Lion which will look great at your Cub Condo!


2011Sep 02

Make sure to stop by and visit Bearemy today in Town Square.  He is giving away a gift in honor of Labor Day!  It’s a repeat gift – the hamburger hat, but you can never have too many hamburger hats, right?  Thanks to forum member christmas for notifying the forum of this event!


2011Aug 30

Staff member LocoBananas let us know that older Build A Bear animals can be purchased via the Build A Bear store on Amazon.com.  If you are searching for an older pet that is no longer in stores, you may want to check it out.  Here is the link:

Amazon Store

Some of the styles available include the Sweet Hugs and Kisses Teddy, Rudolph and the Mini Gator.


2011Aug 24

While you are out and about in Bearville today, take a stroll through Bear University.  In honor of “back to school”, you will receive an Apple Notebook!  This is not the same notebook given out previously by Miguel/Greentracks during a special appearance.  It looks similar but it has different colors.  Thanks to forum member go green for letting us all know about it!


2011Aug 24

Make sure to read the latest copy of the Bearville Times all the way to the end.  You’ll receive a brand new, never before awarded, prize….the Blue Bear Paw Visor!  Thanks to forum member Christmas for passing this info along.


2011Aug 19

It’s Bearemy’s birthday once again!  Be sure to visit him in Bearville between now and August 21st to get some free balloons.  The most recent edition of Bearville Times also mentions other party activities that will take place. 


2011Aug 17

A few of our forum members here on Bearville Insider were lucky enough to get an order in for a Facebook Exclusive (and apparently limited edition) Darling Dot Apatosaurus.  The bear was unveiled to fans of BuildABear’s Facebook page and was only available for purchase until midnight last evening.  Thanks to chantellefursion for letting us know about it and also congratulations to her for getting her hands on one!


2011Aug 08

Forum member babvcrazy let us know that paying a visit to your local BuildABear Workshop can pay off big!  When you’re there, be sure to pick up a copy of the latest What to Wear booklet.


Each one of these booklets contains a virtual code on the back that will earn you a free virtual couch.  Check it out!


2011Aug 08

We wanted to be sure to pass along some safety related information brought to us by forum member karenbearhug.  The Love, Hugs, Peace Lapel Pin which was sold in stores from July 2009 to October 2010 has been recalled for excessive lead levels.  If you happen to own one of these pins, stop using it immediately and return it to your nearest BuildABear Workshop.  You will receive a $5 coupon in return.  The official notice is shown below.


2011Aug 05

The Carnival is now open for business in Bearville.  Several forum members are reporting that you can get a free gift at the carnival, which is the lawn swing shown below.  As many have noted, it is similar to a prize awarded last summer, though the colors are different this time.  Make sure to stop by and pick yours up!