2011Aug 04

If you haven’t browsed the VIB backpack selection lately, make sure to do so soon.  There are two cute new backpacks available – a penguin and a ladybug.  Thank you to member bettybeach13 for passing this information along.



2011Aug 04

Thanks once again to loyal forum member Christmas for compiling a list of all of the possible fountain prizes again this month.  Collecting all the items below will earn you a sweet Play Set.   Unfortunately they are all repeat prizes again but this gives you an opportunity to collect any of these items you may have missed out on in the past.  Check them out below!


2011Aug 02

The 2011 Camp Happy Heart has come to a conclusion and the lucky winners have been announced.  Congratulations to Team Cookie Dough for pulling out the win this year!  Team Places are as follows:

1st Place = Team Cookie Dough

2nd Place = Team Strawberry Cheesecake

3rd Place = Team Candy

4th Place = Team Berries

The members of Team Cookie Dough all received the following prizes:

The waterslide is exceptionally cool because as you land in the pool at the bottom you disappear momentarily before resurfacing.  Thanks to member christmas for sharing these details!


2011Aug 02

Lucky VIB members this month will receive a really cool prize.  Check it out below…it’s a disc chair!  Thanks to member scottierose for passing along this information to the BI team!


2011Jul 21

Wow!  Our friends in Bearville are really taking this Smurf thing seriously.  Courtneybear121 let us know that you can even turn your Cub Condo into a Mushroom!  The cost is 3000 bear bills and the design can be found at the Lumbearyard.


2011Jul 21

There is a new version of the Bearville Times available for your reading pleasure.  If you read the whole thing, you will receive a brand new paper hat!  Check out the photo below:


2011Jul 21

If you haven’t already heard, the smurfs have invaded the Bee Stylin Salon in Bearville.  You can now get Smurfette’s hair, braces for your teeth…and you can even turn your skin blue.  Thank you to several forum members for passing this info along and to buildabearlover123 for providing the following pictures.


2011Jul 21

Thanks to forum member allstarweekendfan07 for letting us know about the new move now available by visiting the Chloe Show!  The move is called the mirror move and you can use it to make sure your hair is perfectly in place.  Be sure to stop by the show to grab yours!


2011Jul 18

Thank you to all of you who took the time to enter the BI summer forum banner contest.  There were so many wonderful entries that Justin and I had a hard time choosing a winner!  Here are the winners:

Banner Winner (Wins a code for a Bear of his/her choice) = hailisnowflake4

Random Drawing Winner (wins a code for an England Wall Chart)  = AliceDecember7

Here’s a preview of the winning banner which will be posted on the forum shortly.  Thanks again to all of the participants and stay tuned for another contest from your friends here at Bearville Insider!


2011Jul 15

Several of our members have noted that today is “Smurf-out” or “Blue-out” day in Bearville.  If you get caught playing Bearville during a Smurf-out, you will win free bear bills in honor of the recent smurf release.  Thanks to forum member KarenBearHug for the photos below of this morning’s Smurf-out.