2008Oct 04

For those that haven’t had a chance to see Maxine in Bear Ville over the past few days, her "bear" MaxineClarkCEB is giving out an exclusive gift to anyone who sees her. If you’re lucky enough to stumble into the den and area she is in, Bearville will automatically award you a Bear Paw Visor! Keep an eye on our Looking For Special Guests area in our Bearville forums to see if anyone has spotted her!
Here are some pictures of MaxineClarkCEB and the new Bear Paw Visor.


2008Oct 03

Hey everyone! You may have noticed a really big change here at BearvilleInsider.Com: we have a whole new look!!
When I took ownership of the site, one of my most important tasks was to change the look of the site, as many of us on the staff had begun calling the previous style "wet newspaper".  Taking a cue from those references, I decided that we needed a fresh, furtastic look. With the help of fairlyoddmom, I coded this custom skin to reflect the fun, colorful nature of Bearville!
There are bound to be bugs everywhere in the new template, but I’ve been using it myself for over a week and most functions work as they should and it’s much more pleasing to the eye!
The old skin will be available for some time, though any new features and development will all be on this new skin!
If you can’t see the new skin, scroll down to the bottom of the forum and change the dropdown box from "applied" to "BI Default".
I hope you like it!


2008Oct 02

Bearville Insider member JessieLuckyBear13  has come up with an interesting theory regarding the prized necklaces to be won each month by playing the Furtastic Fountain game in Townsquare.   She has been hard at work tracking monthly necklace gems and has come up with the following theory:

The necklaces from the fountain may be birthstones!

So far:

August – Peridot Necklace
September – Sapphire Pendant

If this is true, the October necklace is an Opal. That’s what Tessa’s mystery necklace looks like!
(see Furtastic Fountain Prizes, October Update October 1, 2008 home page article before this one).
AmieVerySweet looked up the prized fountain paintings and theorizes that they are the flowers of the months!
She posted "It is the same for the paintings. I just checked www.birth-flower.com and Poppies are one of the August birthflowers. Aster flowers are for September and the painting I got today is a Calendula which is for October."

What can we expect in the coming months?   The table below tells us, if these theories are indeed how the jewels and flowers are selected for monthly fountain prizes, and if the creators at Buildabear choose to continue this trend.
Month You Were Born Your Birthstone Your Birth Flower
January  Garnet  Carnation, Snowdrop
February  Amethyst  Violet, Iris
March  Aquamarine  Daffodil
April  Diamond  Sweet Pea, Daisy
May  Emerald  Lily of the Valley
June  Pearl  Rose
July  Ruby  Larkspur
August  Peridot  Poppy, Gladiolas
September  Sapphire  Aster, Morning Glory
October  Opal  Calendula/Marigold
November Topaz or Citrine  Chrysanthemum
December  Turquoise  Poinsettia, Narcissus


2008Oct 01

Buildabearville Furtastic Fountain game prizes were updated today!  Play the Furtastic Fountain game once per day.  The game is in Townsquare.  Click on the gold coin on the fountain to start then toss three coins in the fountain.  There is no established pattern on how to win a virtual prize or varing amounts of bear bills.  Just keep playing everyday and eventually you’ll win!


Thanks to JessBearHug for putting the following list of prizes together and to all of you that contributed to the list and pictures of the items in the posts below!


Looks like we have 14 new prizes.  Great job everyone.


Pumpkin Beanbag Chair
Mummy Tomb – sarcophogi
Autum Leaves Wreath
Green Monster Feet
Pumpkin Hat
Autumn Flag
Pumpkin Tie
Spider Rug
Gorilla Feet (orange toe nails)
Candy Corn Hat
Egyptian Head Dress
Pizza Hat
Calendula Painting


Special thanks to JessBearhug, Chantellefurshion, Kattana12, EmilyRose, Abigailsosweet8, AmieVerySweet, RachelCurlyfur9, RainDancinBear, Kittycat9490, Amybearriliant, Tessa, Shyboy01 for pictures!


2008Oct 01

Autumn is here, the leaves are falling and Buildabearville is getting ready for Halloween! 
Thanks for the heads up from LindaFriendly and KCFlyer’sMom!!
There are lots of additions today, check it out!!

Bear Boutique:
3 new costumes for your character and the same for your Furry Friend, pumpkin slippers, a ghost sculpture and batwing chair!

Bear Stuff Store:

Autumn Bouquet and Furniture!

Paulettes’s Coufur:

Witch Costume and a Rake (rake is 50 Bear Bills under purse/accessories)!

and my favorite…….Build a Jack-o-Lantern in front of your Cub Condo!

The barn is back too, although many were not able to enter early this morning.

Many were not able to trade items bought in the Bear Boutique, the hourglass just keeps spinning, we expect that to be fixed sometime throughout the day!

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2008Sep 29

Thanks so much to everyone that participated in BearvilleInsider’s Virtual Walk for Cancer in Buildabearville this past Saturday!

It was extra special to have ChloeRocks join us and lead the walk the whole way!

Every month the members of BearvilleInsider have been organizing and participating in a Walk for Cancer throughout Buildabearville.com. 

The objectives for our Virtual Walks for Cancer are threefold, as follows:

  • Raise awareness of cancer and its challenges.
  • Show support for cancer victims, survivors and families touched by this disease.
  • Allow BearvilleInsider.com community members the experience of organizing a Virtual Care event and inspire them to see how they can get involved and make a difference.

We had more participation in this event than any previous BearvilleInsider virtual care event.  The den was amass with citizens wearing gold in memory of Philip and to show support for Children’s Cancer victims and famlies effected by this disease.  Many stories were shared and new friends were made while walking.  A few pictures of the event follow:


2008Sep 24

As promised in the most recent issue of the Bearville times, the Hopeful Wishes 2 Bear is standing in the Entrance of Friendship Forest Park!
When you click on her, she gives you a Pink Ribbon Tee, which is shown below.  The Pink Ribbon tee is being given out to raise awareness for breast cancer, as October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  We’re not sure how long the Hopeful Wishes Bear is going to be giving out the shirt, so head on in to Bear Ville and pick it up right away!


2008Sep 23

More changes, can you believe it!! We seem to be seeing new things in Bearville every single day! One of our forum users, KelseyRocknRoll2, discovered something new today… A vehicle tab in the inventory menu! Everyone’s speculating what types of vehicles might be available and there’s also an idea that the new building in the Marketplace could be a car dealership.  What we can be sure of is that it will be some type of vehicle that you can own!
This must have been what Maxine was referring to when she said:
Stay tuned for so many more new features– a great Back to school season, special appearances, our jr. Cybearguide launch, more rooms, a new marketplace and some fun ways to get around the world too. 

See you in the neigh-bear-hood! 

Hugs to all, 




2008Sep 23

Every month the members of BearvilleInsider have been organizing and participating in a Walk for Cancer throughout Buildabearville.com.  The goal of these walks is to come together and participate in a virtual care event for an express purpose.  I hope you join us and continue to volunteer as organizers or participants in these special events.

The objectives for our Virtual Walks for Cancer are threefold, as follows:

  • Raise awareness of cancer and its challenges.
  • Show support for cancer victims, survivors and families touched by this disease.
  • Allow BearvilleInsider.com community members the experience of organizing a Virtual Care event and inspire them to see how they can get involved and make a difference.   
Our BearvilleInsider September virtual Walk for Cancer is dedicated to Philip a little boy who passed away August 28th, after his 3 year and 8 month battle with cancer.  During his short life, he endured grueling surgeries, chemo and countless tests and yet his parents write, in his journal, how he remained a very happy, sweet and innocent child undeterred by all that was thrown at him.

I came to know Philips story as a member of WebkinzInsider.com  (WI) where he was adopted by the WI family.  Philip is the nephew of Legalcat, a member of WI.  I encourage you to read her post HERE to see how the community came together to support Philip and his family with the donations that WI set up and in sending gifts to Phillip’s webkinz account.  Legalcats WI post includes links to Philips caringbridge website,  the CBS Early Show and DoobiesDads raffle on WI.

The dress code for September is gold, signifying Childrens Cancers, or wear the new t-shirt from Hopeful Wishes Teddy II in the Friendship Forest Entrance! 

I sincerely hope you join us, below is the date, time, den and course for the September BI virtual Walk for Cancer throughout Build-A-Bearville.  To determine the time in other zones, click the time chart link here.

Saturday, September 27, at 4:00 pm eastern time

If a location is red that means we will stop so the rest can catch up and we can tell people around us about what we are doing, each stop will be about 2 minutes so we can keep moving.

Meet and Begin at Sweet Sierra Den, Pawsitively Green Center
 4:00 to 4:15 pm EST

1. Meet and Begin at Pawsitively Green Center 4:00 – 4:15 pm EST
2. 4:15 Start
3. > Fashion District,
4. > Pawforming Art Center,
5. > Bear University,
6. > Sportsplex,
7. > Neighborhood,
8. > Paw Park,
9. > Friendship Forest Park,
10. > Entrance,
11. > Path,
12. > Farm,
13. > Cave,
14. > Meadow,
15. > Friendship Forest Park,
16. > Paw Park,
17. > Neighborhood,
18. > Town Square,
19. > Pawforming Art Center,
20. > Fashion District,
21. > Pawsitively Green Center.

BearvilleInsider.com virtual Walks for Cancer started in June when our YellowRoseofTexas (BABV: MiriamStar) asked, Why can’t we have a cancer walk? It would be wonderful to show our support for all cancers.  We could wear different color t-shirts, like purple for ovarian cancer, blue for prostrate cancer, pink and gold and so forth.  Since then, our walks have been organized by members of BearvilleInsider, with staff assistance, to offer our members the experience of organizing such events.

The first June Walk for Cancer was organized by YellowRoseofTexas (BABV: MiriamStar).  The July Walk for Cancer was organized by EmilyRose (BABV: EmilyRose) and Kitten1462 (BABV: FrancescaBearPaw1) and the August Walk was organized by Joecool (BABV: JoeCool114).

To be a virtual walker you’ll need to sign up for an account at www.buildabearville.com.  Membership is free.  Citizens create their own characters – called avatars – by choosing skin color, hair style and fashion style as well as bring your furry friend to life online.  Build-A-Bearville was created by Build-A-Bear Workshop, which sells customizable bears and other stuffed animals online and in stores.
In the real world, with the help of Nikki’s Toolkit, children can learn how to start a fundraising project.  The following is an excerpt from the Build-A-Bear website click HERE
Build-A-Bear Workshop® and the Build-A-Bear Workshop Foundation are proud to support kids in their efforts to raise money for important causes.  Nikki’s Toolkit has just what you and your friends need to get started with your fundraising project!
Nikki was a special teen who loved teddy bears and she especially loved giving them away to others in need of a hug. Before she died of cancer Nikki wanted to do what she could to raise awareness about her disease in hopes of finding a cure. She inspired us to create this Toolkit so other kids can make a difference in their communities.
(reference:  http://www.buildabear.com/aboutus/community/nikki/toolkit/default.aspx)



2008Sep 22

Green Diva Outfit
It’s Monday, so the Hannah Montana Bear in the Pawforming Arts Center is giving out a new gift! Just click on her, circled in red below for this week’s gift!
One of our Bearville Insider forum users, EmilyRose, brought this to our attention this morning and she was awarded two pairs of pants and one shirt! Some other users have reported one of each, while others have reported they were only awarded the shirt.
Here’s a picture of my character wearing the whole Green Diva set: headset, boa, pants and shirt!
Purple Diva Outfit
Many of you already read the article we wrote last week for the code for the Purple Diva Outfit.
There’s another universal code that you can enter to get a second Purple Diva outfit: S334-6Q32-6SN5
Where’s Fall?
Earlier this morning, we wrote an article with pictures showing you that Autumn had arrived in Bearville and that there was going to be special events in Bearville from October 1st through October 31st.  Users have found that fall has disappeared and the new barn area is no longer accessible unless you know someone that is still in it! For those that didn’t get a chance to check it out, the pictures are in this article:  http://www.bearvilleinsider.com/content/breaking-news-autumn-arrives-bear-ville-halloween-coming

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