2008Sep 22

We all woke up this morning to a drastic change in Build-a-Bearville — Fall has arrived! Thanks to addball1516 for being the first "Insider" to notice and let everyone know! Many of the leaves on the trees in Bearville have started changing colors and you can see them on the ground everywhere!
There are pumpkins and Jack-o-lanterns everywhere and Halloween decorations in the neighborhood!
If you notice the banners all around Bearville, they announce a "Kooky Spooky Bear Bash" in the Farm area of Sunshine Shores from October 1st to October 31st.  They’ve added a whole new area to the Farm as you can now enter the barn!
If you go inside the barn, it’s decorated for fall and Halloween! You can go up the ladder to the loft and sit down on the hay bales and watch what’s going on or take a picture at the photo booth!
Head to the photo booth to take a picture of yourself that will be put in to the Kooky Spooky Photo Album on the back wall of the barn.  Here’s mine!
If you take another photo, it will overwrite the previous one.  Our users have discovered that the photo albums do not transfer across all dens, so you can take different photos for other photo albums if you switch dens!
UPDATE (9/22 — 11:00 AM EDT) – Fall seems to have disappeared from BABV for now! We’re glad we were able to get some pictures for you, but we’re not sure what’s going on, nor when it will be back!

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2008Sep 19

As hard as we try, we can’t find everything that’s been added to Bearville in an update, and this most recent update is no exception! There was so BEARY much added that we missed quite a lot!
Thankfully, our very experienced forum members have been able to point most of the changes and additions out!
We’ll start with the Jr. CybearGuide additions.  There is a bulletin board in the CybearGuide Headquarters that you can post on and when you click any of the phone booths, you are whisked directly to CybearGuide HQ.  You can see the white "ring" around one of the booths below.
Next we have something that octobreana reported to the forum: "If you go to the forest near Word Fur The Birds game and walk into the open tree trunk you will find a PAWSOME surprise." A picture of the entrance she is referring to is shown below, the two links below it will take you to pictures of what is inside, but for those that want to see it for themselves, head to Bear Ville right away!
There’s another hidden area that was added to Bear Ville.  Haven’t you always wondered what’s on top of the coffee shop? Teddy/JanineAllHeart6 found a hidden entrance to get up there, just click in the area the is circled in red when you’re in Bearville and you’ll get a chance to see! Again, we have provided a link to what’s inside so we don’t spoil it for those who want to be surprised!



kelleysunshine made her own discovery about the new bath tub for sale at the Bear Stuff store.  Most of us (myself included) thought it was for decoration-only, but she discovered that clicking the pet in a room with the bathtub allows you to tell your pet to take a bath!



Rikeetikee was the first to discover a new lobby at the Bear News Network in Town Square.  Maybe there will be some more shows like the Chloe show?



Finally, Gia2Hip discovered a runway in the Build-a-Bear Workshop store.  I adopted my new Furry Friend "Cheeter" the Cheetah to see what happens on the runway.  When you adopt a new friend, he comes out of the curtains, running toward you, stops for a second and then leaps over you and straight into your backpack!!


We’re sure there are more items that no one has discovered yet, this was quite an update to Bear Ville!


2008Sep 18

Yesterday, we showed you all of the new prizes for the Furtastic Fountain game, and today we’ve got the Jr. CyberGuide announcement, along with a whole bunch of new items on store shelves in Bear Ville! We’ve tried to gather them all together and hope we’ve got them!
We’ll start with the items added to the Bear Boutique! 8 new items have been added and they are shown below.
Next we move to Pawlette Coufur’s Boutique, which has 10 new items… I know my character looks funny in a skirt, right?!
Then we have the Bear Stuff store, which had the most items of all added to it with 15 new items!
Finally, the Lumbear Yard now stocks carpets and wallpaper.  There are 4 wallpapers and 3 carpets.  You only need to buy one to use them on any (or all) of the rooms in your house.  Once you get to your home, you can change the color of the wallpaper or flooring as you go!


2008Sep 18

It’s the day that everyone has been waiting for…. The Jr. CybearGuide feature is now available in Bear Ville!! The site was down until about 8 AM Eastern time and when it came back up, there was a new room added to Bear University!
The star above the door gave it away as the new Jr. CybearGuide Headquarters, but I clicked it anyways!
You’ll notice quite a few people with the hats on all over Bearville!
It took me a few clicks to get into the classroom, but when I got in, I saw the quiz on the desk!
Just as I clicked the quiz, I had a series of flashbacks to these painful Calculus exams that I had to take in College… I recovered quickly and then saw the first page of the quiz! 
The quiz consists of 10 questions, and as far as I can tell, the quizzes are different for each person! Get them all right and you are granted access to the Jr. CybearGuide Headquarters!
For those who missed a question on the test (don’t be embarrassed, I did on one of my accounts!), or for those that are too new to Bearville to qualify for the test, here’s a screenshot of the inside of the Jr. CybearGuide Headquarters! So far, all you can do is read the CybearGuide manual, which gives you the Jr. CybearGuide Hat.
We know how excited everyone has been for this and we’re so happy that it’s finally here! Good luck!


2008Sep 18

One of the many requested features in Build-a-Bearville has been the ability to hide items from others in Bearville.  Many of us have items that we feel attached to and would never trade, so this option when trading with others is of great use! 
As shown below from the new issue of the Bearville Times, you can click the "light" next to each item to choose whether or not to show it to others when they see your inventory for trading!

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2008Sep 17

Along with the new Bearville Times and the announcement of the Jr. Cybearguides coming on Thursday, users all over Bearville have discovered that there are new prizes at the Furtastic Fountain!
As promised by the employees of Build-a-Bear, the new fountain prizes appeared today and we’ve got most of them shown below for you to see.  Please let us know if we’ve missed any!!

Cat Ears

Coonskin Cap

Dog Nose

Fake Mustache

Fright Wig

Sheriff Badge

Sherlock Holmes Hat


Martian Antenna


Sapphire Pendant

Wig With Curlers


Monsterfeet Slippers

Big Cartoon Gloves

Aster Painting

Manhole Cover

Maze Rug


2008Sep 17

According to the new Bearville Times that came out today, you get your chance to become a Jr. CybearGuide starting Thursday, September 18, 2008. "To sign up, just visit the classroom in Bear University, follow the instructions and you’ll be well on your way. Remember, to take the test, you need to be a Pawsome Citizen who has visited Buildabearville at least 12 days in the past 30 days." Good luck to all signing up to become a Jr. CybearGuide.


2008Sep 15

It’s the start to a new week in Bearville and the Hannah Montana bear in the Pawforming Arts Center is giving out a new gift! Last week, it was a green boa.  Due to a bug, it was pink when you put it on, which has since been fixed!
If you don’t know where to find the Hannah Montana bear, here’s a picture of her circled in red in the Pawforming Arts Center, just click on her and she will give you the gift!
This week, it’s a Green Diva Headset, which is shown below.
The headset and boa are very similar to the ones in the Purple Diva Set that can be obtained by entering a universal code that we reported on a few days ago.  This headset is slightly different, as it has a heart-shaped earpiece, rather than the star on the purple headset.
We assume that the next two gifts from the bear will be the matching shirt and skirt to complete the Green Diva Set, but we’ll have to wait and see!


2008Sep 14

I’m excited to announce a change in policy and permissions here on the BearvilleInsider.Com forum! All registered members who have more than 10 posts (Polar Bears and Trading Teddys) are now allowed to add their own events to the BearvilleInsider.Com Forum Calendar! 
So, for those that want to have parties or meetings in Bearville, you can set up your own events and you may also edit them, as necessary, if the times change!
Just click the "Calendar" link at the top of the page to go to our calendar and set up plans for a party!


2008Sep 12

We’ve just gotten news from a few members of our forum that a new universal code is available on Buildabear.com! The new code is related to the Hannah Montana contest and is available to everyone! It gives you a boa, shirt, skirt, and headset, as shown below!
You can reach the code by downloading the Hannah Montana Contest entry form on Build-A-Bear.Com, and it is also posted here, so enjoy: 9N84-G72J-YMT6.
There are two versions of this code, as well.  Both of them yield the same set.