2011Jul 14

First off, no, that isn’t a typo, we’re actually talking about $10,000! Over the weekend, we were contacted by a marketing representative for a new website called Bublaa that launched a few weeks ago. Part of their launch campaign is a contest for $10,000! The marketing representative felt that our huge userbase could easily help the Insider family win the grand prize.

NOTE: Bublaa is a social-networking site and you are required to be at least 13 years old in order to join the site. If you’re younger than 13 and still want to help, please have an older sibling or your parents sign up and help out! All members of the Insider sites, regardless of age, will be eligible for prizes, however.

We’re currently at a disadvantage, as the contest started 3 weeks ago and ends TOMORROW, July 15th at 10am PDT (1 PM Eastern Time). Thankfully, the current leading group has around 900 members, so with all of our Insider sites combined, with nearly 200,000 members between them, I believe we can overtake them and win the contest! We were briefly in the lead, but were overtaken by quite a bit.

If we win, we will take all $10,000 of the prize and use it for prizes for all of our members. With this kind of huge prize budget, anything goes! Once we receive the winnings, we will ask all of you what prizes you’d like to see and how you want us to award them. You can reach for the sky, and suggest we buy anything under the sky, even non-Bearville-related items, like an Apple iPad 2, iPod Touch, or a Nintendo Wii!

This is only possible with your help, and we need each and every one of you! I’ve gone through the site and have provided full instructions on how to remove any publicly-viewable personal information from your profiles as soon as you join the site. Once you’ve followed those steps, join our “Bubble” and tell all of your friends to help out!

UPDATE (1:05pm ET):  The contest ended a few minutes ago, and it appears that the Insider Bubble has won!  We have the highest number of users and we are currently waiting for verification from Bublaa.  Thank you to everyone for all of your help!  We can’t wait to start selecting and awarding some very special prizes!
UPDATE (2:05pm ET):  Bublaa posted the following announcement, “Congratulations [on] the good race! We are going to be validating the result and will announce the winner during the next week.”


2011Jul 13

Thank you to forum member Jordan and Ruby! for letting us know about a new survey available on Bearville.com.  The survey is about some new collections shown below.  The collections are the Sea Collection, Farm Collection and Zoo Collection.  Check them out and be sure to vote!


2011Jul 07

Kudos to forum super sleuth jderocks for solving the mystery of the super rare and very elusive steak necklace shown below.

We’ve been receiving questions about this item occasionally for awhile now, but we had no idea what it was or how to get it.  Turns out it is officially called the T-bone Steak necklace.  Unfortunately, according to jderocks, it was accidentally released into the game so it’s unlikely we’ll be able to get our hands on one.  At least we know what it is now!


2011Jul 05

If you get a chance to venture out to a BuildaBear Workshop in your area, be sure to pick up the latest edition of the Beary Newsworthy newsletter.  As forum member OrlandoKnight pointed out, the flyer contains a virtual code for an awesome Bearville Slip-n-Slide for your yard as shown below!  Other highlights of the newsletter include:

  • The third collection of small frys is now available.
  • Starting July 15th, you can make your own Smurf at BAB stores.  Each Smurf comes with a free poster for your school locker.
  • Arriving August 5th – the new Beary Limited BFF collection will be available!

Here’s the cool slide:




2011Jul 05

Thanks once again to forum member christmas for compiling a list of all of the July fountain prizes.  This month’s prizes look remarkably similar to the prizes offered in July of 2010, so if you missed those here is your chance to fill in your collection!


2011Jul 01

Happy Canada day!  To celebrate in Bearville, Pawlette is awarding anyone who clicks on her a Canada Day prize.  Make sure to visit her to pick up your very own Canadian Flag!  Thank you to mickeyquack for bringing this to our attention.


2011Jul 01

The most recent Bearville update brought us lots of new surprises, including a brand new Waterfall Mountain.  If you venture to the top of the mountain and click on the little telescope, you can see fireworks just in time for Independence Day!  Make sure to visit Waterfall Lake and click on the water geyser.  When you do, your character will go for a little ride as shown in the photo below:

There is also a brand new working water geyser available for purchase in the Bear Stuff store for 500 bear bills if you’d like one for your Cub Condo!


2011Jul 01

Thank you to member karenbearhug for reminding all the VIB members to check bearmail for the July VIB gift.  It’s a cool looking yellow star hat!


2011Jun 27

Thank you to forum member TheHappy for passing along information from BuildaBear Workshop regarding the upcoming release of three new Smurf bears!!  The new Smurfs will be released on July 15th in stores in the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom.  Check out the preview photo from the BuildaBear Facebook page!


2011Jun 27

Our friends in Bearville have provided us all with a Camp Happy Heart score update through Sunday, June 26th.  The details are shown on the scoreboard below:

Team Cookie Dough is currently in the lead with Team Strawberry Cheesecake in hot pursuit.  Good luck to all participants and keep racking up those Camp Happy Heart points!