2011May 23

Secret Areas


There are a number of Secret Areas in Build-a-Bearville. Check them out!

  • aj2hip180285(DANIELLE)


  • Kassi munreyos:)

    hey i m looking for a prirate outfit for a special gift any one know where i can find one?

  • kassi ramos

    hey i am having a birthday party in the mall if you cant go that is ok:(

  • AbigailApril444

    hey guys! since i had so much fun at my first party im going to throw another one. So the den will be clouds and we will all meet at my cub condo and just party from there and go to place to place hanging out. Hope to see you there!
    Time will be from noon to two.
    den cloud. meet at my condo!



      • kaymoonbeam25

        what is your username on bearville

      • kaymoonbeam25

        if your username is aj2hip180285 then i have sent you a friend request but you have already reached 200 friends

      • AbigailApril444

        ok 1) please stop writing in all caps. its really annoying.
        2) um, i will do what i please, when i want to, where i want to. And you cant do anything about it.
        3) exactly. Lots of people come and really enjoy, so whats the point in stopping?
        4) Throw your parties whenever you want. I dont really care. People will go to the parties they want to.
        5) im having fun at the parties, so no, im not going to stop.
        6) have a GREAT day :)

        • AJ2HIP180285(DANIELLE)

          um is that all you say? um um um SPEAK english! and girl friend your partys may be fun but not as fun as mine! so grow up! yes you do throw good partys but i am justr saying maybe throw a party every now and then! just….take a break every now then ok?:) anf first of all
          1.um , you need to speak english
          2.nobody and i mean nobody will talk to me like that
          3.obviously you do care! cause if you did not, you would not be answering me back! oh and last!
          4. have a great day!:)

          • AJVolleyball7

            You both are going crazy over nothing…

      • britneydimple92

        yr mean!!! cant i hav a party????

    • AbigailApril444

      and jeez. how desperate are you? Big Time Rush and Justin beiber? fat chance.

      • AJ2HIP180285(DANIELLE)

        fat chance? oh no girl! look at you! i work out every day smart one! you just need to shut up! and no i am not desperate! you probaly do not know what that means! and yes maybe i got a little out of hand but loose it girl! nobody like you ! i am way older then you! and i can do so many things right now i want to do! but lets just take this conversation to a sorry! SORRY?! ok! i did not mean to drive you up the wall and lets just hope one day we will be friends!:) i am a sweet girl and i bet you are to ! and this fighting we are dooing is just a waste of time?! lets just put this behind us and become friends? if you are ok with that?
        (oh and yes i may be older but i still have a crush on JB? lol )
        so hope we can be friends in the future?!:)

        Aj2hip180285 aka (kassie Ramos)<3

        • AbigailApril444

          sounds good to me.
          I do know what desperate means, and fat chance means like, yea right no way. I didnt mean you were fat.
          UM, dont tell me to shut up. Only my friends can do that lol.
          A lot of people like me, actually. how would you know? you dont know my age, so you wouldnt know if you were older than me either.
          alright :) sorry!!! maybe we can be :)
          im definatly ok with that

          • AJVolleyball7


        • jv kjh jvhfjhf

          what are yo thinken????

  • aj2hip180285(danielle)


  • Harnycutecouples

    if you cick on the cat at the coffie shoptheres a secret area

  • kaymoonbeam25

    i am at the party right now

  • kaymoonbeam25

    cool party last night

  • Deefro5

    hey everyone i’m having a party at my cub condo tonight at A j awesome14586″s at 6:00!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D hope 2 see u there! oh and the den is bear disco and the a in A j and awesome is not capitalized and there’s no space in between the 2:)

  • eliaheart4

    i need bearbills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tommy

    At the place called enterence on your map there is a tree and it has a hole on it if you click on it you will go into a secret hideout!!! and you can do it all the time

  • Googolgirl

    Hey aj2hip285 and AbigailApril444 you guys NEED to stop fighting! I mean PLEASE!!! Its giving me a headache. thank you.

  • Hmccool1980

    wel l cant belive its my birthday

  • ria2hip509

    hi this is ria2hip509. make me as your friend on bearville. i will post a comment every day.

  • Sa

    Party at LillyHappy312′s Condo 6/29/12, 10:05 am Pacific!!! Bear Bills Awarded!!!!USA Reigon, Waterfall id the den!!!

  • Sa

    time change!2:05 Pacific!!

  • Alexiajaylavicky

    hi guys! there is a sleepover at my cub condo! come plz

  • Kristagove

    I really need bearbills I going poor I’m new to this does any one know how to get some

    • melissa

      yes get a job

  • LacieFluffStuff2


  • Irenejaime


  • Kristinefaith10

    eNTRaCe CaVe!!!

  • melissa

    party at my place will start at 7:00 on saturday july 72012 plzz come and bring a giftt

  • Saradancing64

    hey guys saradancing 64 here, and im inviting everyone at my party this saturday at my place. when :this saturday july 7 2012 what time: 7:00- 8:30 pm and hope u guys could make it

    • Rocky2hip3350

      ill try to comee

  • emilycheer516

    pawty at my beachfront home bring gifts and food!!

  • emilycheer516

    on the july 4 to celabrate america at 8:15

  • NotsYING

    Bearville Party! My place in my basement and living room!!! The den is Waterfalland it is on the 9th (Sunday) Please bring a gift no food please!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Sweethrt7

    party at my house ps no ferniture

  • lgirl79

    1.In the theater, if you click on the left opera seats, you will go to the back stage area. 2. Click on the palm tree in sunshine shores and you will go to a secret place. 3. Click on the cat picture in the coffee shop, and you will go to a secret coffee shop. 4. Go to the entrance and click on the tree with a little dome, and you will be in secret tree house.

  • timothyfluffyfriend1

    i peolpe PAWTY AT MY Timothyfluffyfriend1 cubcondo! the den is cubby the date will be july 11 at 1:00 P.M. at 1:30 we will then all go to the town square then all click the trampoline and go to the secret area! and the pawty ends at 2:30 please post the word i if you are coming! smiles

  • random binary

    Project Management Institute (PMI®) ~ PMI® Keystone Chapter (Treasurer) ~ Beta Gamma Sigma

  • AdelaideLibra8

    I know some secrets, In Cave, You can see a tree beside the Sunshine Shores Sign, Click on it
    and a bird will come pecking the tree and a apple will fall out of the tree.I also know,
    In Coffee Shop, You click on the cat picture, You will go into Top Secret Cafe.
    I also know, In the entance, Click on that hole on the tree and you will get a computer move!
    You could see the inside of it but you can find it out in bearville.
    You see, I also know, Inside te light house at sunshine shores, Click on (I dont know what its called) it where it turns around and you can pick your own colour for your gea but you cannot change the colour! Then you can visit Undersea Discovery!
    I also know, In the Pawforming Arts Center, Click on the balcony, You can arrive on that secret place as soon as possible! I also know, When you go in Town Square, You can see a tramboline,
    Then click on it, Your character will jump in the tramboline and go to the Rooftop of Bearville

  • AdelaideLibra8

    I furgot there’s also a secret in theaters, Click on that popcorn maker and you got a popcorn move, Cool huh?

  • rubyrainbow498

    Hey guys party at meh AWESOME
    Cub condo…….. Just print a pawsome gift for me remember, I am rubyrainbow498 and the party is 7/21/12 for meh bday at 10:00am-11:00am.

    Be there! :-)


    • Ariannamuir

      I’ll be there :)

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/BUEQTYPQJX7SPSGQPGRQXZOPVQ Natalie

      What den?

    • melissa

      i will be there but what do u want for a gift 1 or 2 and what is your den have fun

      from scarlettyourock33

    • melissa

      i checked and u have no cub condo
      and why dont you tell us your den is it cub camp

      from scarlettyourock33

  • Spudkirst

    where is a secret place in bearville

  • Abigail

    hey what your doing

  • AdelaideLibra8

    (I told you about theater move, But its not a secert) Go to town square, You’ll be seeing a trampoline, Click it! (Its a secret can’t tell what happens next), Go to entrance, You’ll see a
    tree (It has a hole), Click it! Which I meant the hole, Go to cave, You’ll see a tree (Except, Theres no hole), Click it!, Go to pawforming arts centre, You’ll see a balcony, Click it!
    Go to coffee shop, You’ll see a cat picture in the galery , Click it! (Thats all I know but if ou know 7th secret be sure to tell me/I am in crouded dens but if you see me there I have a cub condo pawty (Remember find AdelaideLibra8)

  • Dolphin

    Hey Can I come and what den will it be in?

  • Timothyfluffyfriend1

    Guys pawty tomorrow at my Timothyfluffyfriend1′s cub condo. Please bring a gift. The theme is basically fancy i guess. So wear something fancy. And make sure to add each other. The pawty starts at 12:00 in the afternoon. The den is cubby. btw a gift i would really like is a old three years ago camp happy heart prize or trophy or medal. Btw at 11:30 before it starts look for me in the neighbor hood. I have blue hair and i wear a tuxedo shirt and black pants and red gloves. Btw you might know this already but i am a boy. lol. So see you there i guess! farewell! see ya there!

  • random binary

    Add me!

  • jessica

    i am abbyallheart28779 im having a pawty at my cub condo today its my birthday plz bring a gift


  • timothyfluffyfriend1!

    what time is your pawty and what zone?

  • To

    Date: June 30, 2012

    One look at this wooly friend and you’ll want to bring a whole pack of Alpacas home with you! When they aren’t roaming around rooms looking for fun, this Alpaca likes to take it easy by sitting down on their Fully Wooly Recliner. And when they get hungry, make sure to feed them their favorite snack, a Wheatgrass Smoothie!

  • random binary

    who is To? And this is from webkinz…… on the webkinz newz…..?

  • random binary


  • random binary


  • random binary


  • random binary


  • random binary

    Ok everyone the deep sea discovery thing isn’t a secret anymore. And I think EVERYONE knows about the bearville outfitters rooftop and the secret tree house. I think we should have a BIG discussion about NEW ones we can find. I have a REALLY GOOD IDEA! How about every week on Wednesday at 3:00 pm we go to the jr.cybearguide head quarters at the den
    cub camp. starting TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • melissa

      ok i will be there

    • melissa

      ok and can u come to my hang out sleepover please

      fom scarlletyourock33 p.s everybody how is not coming M.E.A.N!!!!!!!

  • Jennardpup

    party at my house my username is haleyadoreable1846 send me a friend request and please come and bring a gift please

  • Valeriehorsy

    everything but sunshine shores trees and outside babw, works for me.