2011May 23

Secret Areas


There are a number of Secret Areas in Build-a-Bearville. Check them out!

  • Maddie

    How do i get to the Cybearguide convention

  • Jaymie

    this is real awkward…

  • raeflower03


  • madisen

    hi! who has a furryfriend code icould use?

  • melissa

    pawty at my cub condo den is cup camp at 4:28

    from scarrlettyourock33

  • Lolo


    • melissa


  • melissa

    hey if u guys want the smart phone move just go to the town and click
    the bear that say the carnival is back click on her and then she says
    can u send a messege to my friends they are at the plaza and boardwalk
    and then u got the move

  • Alex2what

    at the coffe shop click on the picture cat

  • zoey

    hello i am zoeyspellingbee and my younger sister said that she
    stole my treehouse and the only way i can get it back is by getting one for her and if you could give me yours in a trade it would help i will be in paw park at 3:00 on august 14 in the cubby den

  • zoey

    p.s like my comment if you will trade it to me if i am not there that means i have found one thx.

  • Natalia

    trampoline- town square
    paw -pawforming arts center
    tree- entrance
    cat photo-coffee shop

  • grace

    click diffrent worlds

  • Bearville expert

    Were do you click on babw in the secret areea

  • miny


  • zoey

    oh and the item is tree house (plant)

  • zoey

    melissa… you have to tell what den to go in or no one will know…

  • zoey

    again paw park den cubby 3;00 friday plz get me a treehouse thx

  • melissa

    party at my cub condo today at 53:00 today the den is cub camp
    meet me in the tree house
    from scarlettyourock33


    The cat picture hideout soothing :-D :-) <3:-0

  • Melisaadorable29 <3

    All the REAL Secret Areas!

    1.Town square-trampoline

    2.Coffee shop-cat picture

    3.Entrance-big hole in tree

    4.Lighthouse interior-the screw thingamabob
    5.Pawforming Arts Center (interior)-First balcony to the left
    This is where they go:
    1.Bearville Outfitters Rooftop Garden
    2.Top Secret Coffee Shop
    3.Tree House
    4.Deep Sea Discovery
    Some of the hidden places have other hidden places or nice games to access:
    1.Go down the rope for acces to the bearville outfitters
    3.Click the arrow on the floor and it will give you access to the tree house interior
    4.Lucky oyster is a game that you can only play once each day and it gives you coins, click one of the holes on the ship and it will take you to a secret room
    5.The box with toys and objects in it will give you access to the backstage search game

  • noneofurbusiness?xD

    1.town square click on trampoline
    2.coffee shop click on orange cat picture
    3.entrance click on the tree with the big hole
    4.lighthouse click on the screw thing
    5.preforming arts center click on the balcony


  • miny

    hi no q



  • OhAlexRusso

    Wat the hck?

  • OhAlexRusso

    umm dis dont work

  • DestanyZero2

    Hey! I know some stuff!;) The tree thing- You used to be able to click on the tree to go to the lighthouse… But then it just appeared on the map! The screw- Just leads you to the Deep Sea Discovery, which is now on the map! Town square- Click the trampoline! Coffee Shop- Click on the cat picture! Entrance- Click on the tree! :) Hope I helped! :)

  • froggie girl

    what screw thing?i cannot find it

  • caralinebearycool14

    like where do u click on #7?????????????????????

  • lillybravegal 43

    the sunshine shores one is discontinued i have played for 9 years!

  • lillybravegal 43

    hi lillybravegal43 here uh well i think there might be a beuilda bear workshop secret areas look at your map…right it look like you could have acsess to it i don’t know but it looks like it

  • lolylolhaha


  • Aaralyn2Hip26593

    in the libeary click on this door

  • lolylolhaha

    well there are now some events in that book that shows up in the loly

  • KittiesAreFLuffeh

    i knew all those. btw how do you post a new discussion?

  • Kathiegreenpaw1

    I need to know how to get to the clouds den please and thank you :)

  • lulu

    how do you do the town square bearville store

  • disqus_CtV8TxKuX5

    i went on the trampoline one

  • disqus_CtV8TxKuX5

    i tried the build a bear because my friend told me to click the vent but there is no vent.

  • precious4leafclover310

    well all of these work exept the sunshine shores, ok you talking about sunshine shores cave or sunshine shores

  • kitty123

    When he means the screw thing he mean when you go inside the lighthouse there is a top like you see on ships he means click on it and you will get to go underwater.To a haunted ship.

  • 89pu


  • Rylee26

    Here are some places I know of,
    1:Go to town square.Click on the trampalion.
    2:Go to the pawforming arts center. click on the balcony
    3:Go to the light house.Click on the circle center.
    4:Go to the coffe shop.Click on the orange cat picture.
    5:Go to the Entrance(This one is my fav). Click on the big hole in the tree.
    6:(This one is for limited time only!)Go to the farmers market.Click on the pumpkin.

    If you have any questions just ask!

  • Claire

    the stage click the left curtian

  • Hello Kitty

    I think on number 4 you meant Click on the TREE HOLE to go to the tree house

  • Ellie

    No help at all i already knew ALL these places by heart!!

  • Kittycat1181

    Bear ville is amazing so is Poptropica

  • BABWmad334

    The lighthouse one is not secret because the undersea thing is on the map.

  • BABWmad334

    by the way the sunshine shores does not work but the rest are real im on top of bearville outfitters right now

  • strangerboy9536

    hey thr i found some wird stuff if ya clik on the lithos thing wen yur underwater thres a oster thing that give ya a prise

  • noodle doodle

    I love this site