2011May 23

Secret Areas


There are a number of Secret Areas in Build-a-Bearville. Check them out!

  • linda

    this is really cool im going to tell ALL my friends on bearville about this oh go to the bear university libeary and click on the cheetah at the left top corner

  • linda

    thank u sooooooooooooo much

  • http://www.facebook.com/mtjgkm Celeste Hernandez


  • http://www.facebook.com/mtjgkm Celeste Hernandez

    oh hey ilovejb i bet you are not a balieber

  • zoesuperbear79

    you could go to the place where the darling doggies are and click on the trees to get bearbills and you could get a darling doggie emocon or whatever those faces are above your head by doube clicking on the waterfountain you will also see it change color

  • zoesuperbear79

    click on the fallen tree log where the darling doggies areand you could get bearbills and see a squirrell or a rabbit or some furry critter come out of it

  • zoesuperbear79


  • leilani2hip168

    pawsome i lllllllllloooooooooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee it

  • brezzy123

    also in town square theres a hole that takes you to a party

    • emmaadorable7891

      what hole? where is it? And what party? be more specific girl! LOL

      • emmaadorable7891

        wait you are not talking about the trampoline right next to bear ville out fitters are you? cause FYI that is not a hole! I do not want yo be mean though

    • emmaadorable7891

      i do not get it what hole? it is not the trampoline, because that is not a hole

  • gurjot

    are there any new one that when ur friends try to join u it says they r shopping but theyare not?

  • daisy

    i already knew about it a long time ago i mean long ago add me daisyangel6161

  • lili

    hello,um,poeple asked you how did you put the picture in.

    • lili

      it’s ok,i’ll tell them.when you are typing,there’s a little thing at the corner.if you click on it,you can upload a picture.then pick a picture.hope this helps! if you don’t understand,reply.

  • lili

    hey guys! i’m Lili(leelee) and if you need help,i’ll help you! you can ask me and layla at “guides”.

  • natalya hart

    Thanks A lot For The Cheats!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mrs.Horan

    any new ones??????

  • laniloo

    you all are butt heads ha ha ha

  • laniloo


  • kylarkaratebear6

    wow i thought it was the places i didn’t know i knew those places when i first joined

  • poopoopants

    the message now there you asked if I liked jb. well I don’t and guess what he is in jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • abigailblue309

    do u know how to solve the tricolor quest ?PLEASE TELL ME SOMEONE!

    • BearVille Info Girl!

      Wat quest? How do u get the quest? PLzz tell me

  • angie

    does anyone know where the secret castle thing is???? please email me and tell me cause im prob not coming on this thing again. its: Dubblebubbleplease@yahoo

  • Justcurious333

    how many more secret places in build a bearville is there?

  • sparklyshiney

    i can not find dat trampoline thingy

  • christopherawesome290

    I already knew XD

  • sparklyshiney

    going to the lighthouse and clicking the wheel to go under water is not a secrect area u know

  • kick-ass!!lex

    CODES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Perfect Kaili

    I don’t know any secret place

  • Perfect Kaili


  • gabby

    Ummmmmm does anybody know any unexpired web codes for buildabear ville? Also add me…. Im ginnybee39

  • lilz200

    1. The Coffee Shop click the picture of the cat. (roof of the Coffee Shop)

    2. Performing Arts click on the balcony (once you become a Cyber Guide they show it to you)
    3. At The Entrace click on the hole in the tree. Take you to the Tree house
    4. Lastly, At Time Square there is a trampoline right next to Bearville Outfitters. click it to get to the roof of Bearville Outfitters.

  • mercedes

    where is the cat picture?

  • mercedes

    i don’t see the cat picture in the coffee shop

    • kittycat

      well its not exactly a cat

    • Anomonyss

      Um…… It’s a painting

  • ChloeRienne

    PLEASE give me back my cyber guide i was gonna do something :(

  • hellokittygirl


  • ilovealicahamilton


    • BearVille Info Girl!

      how do u put the hello kitty pic as ur avater?

  • FlyingJaugaur

    I’m having a party at my house I’m AbeAdventure1344. It’s going to be in my dance party room!

  • FlyingJauguar

    My party will be next week on saturday.

  • me

    umm…..you spelt tree wrong…its T-R-E-E!!! are you like 5 years old!!???

    • Anomonyss

      I know

      • Anomonyss


        • anonymous

          are you retards?

          • sparklyshiney

            ya theyre prob retards

          • Pphhhbbbt

            Are you guys mental or something? Theres no need to call someone a retard if they make a mistake. Holy cow, this place…..

    • anonymous

      are you a retard?

      • sparklyshiney


      • zoeyyourock9044

        If you would like to be rude at least use the term intellectual disability!

  • Annomonyss

    I already know this

  • Annomonyss

    coffee is wrong C-O-F-F-E-E are you 1 years old

    • Fu

      Ahem…thats kinda RUDE. Plus 1 yr old r not smart enough to even know wat coffee is and never can even play on a computer. If i was yo mama and u talked to me like that, i would teach you manners 200x a day

  • That One Guy On the BI Forum.

    Hi guys, add me, I’m SorenSeaShell. ♫

  • sam

    bearville is the gratist



  • BearVille Info Girl!

    Im not trying to be mean but Ppl are not saying the places with enough detail! Like they just say trampoline in town square like say it in detail that the color the shape and stuff, no wonder my username is BearVille info girl me only one who say things in detail like seriously! * rolls eyes * So to da ppl that r struggleing finding the places keep reading! BTW, Theres Acctually 7 secret things so keep reading! Thx! :)

    #1 : Town Square, Object: Black & Orange Trampoline More Info: Right Next 2 The Build A Bear Outfitters Store There Is A Black & Orange Trampoline, Click On It. WHY? It Will Make U Go To The Roof Top Of The Build A Bear Outfitters Store! There Is Lots Of Places To Sit At There! :D

    #2: Coffee Shop, Object: Orange Pic Of White Cat More Info: On The Wall, Theres This Orange Painting Of A White Cat Click On It. WHY? It Will Make U Go To The Roof Top Of The Coffee Shop! Theres A Swimming Pool There So Keep Ur Swimming Tops Ready! :D

    #3: Pawforming Arts Center, Object: Balcony More Info: Look 2 The Left Side Of Ur Screen, U will See 2 Balconys, Click On The Left One. WHY? It Will Make U Go Back Stage And U Can Get 200 Bear Bills Just By Playing A Game There! :D

    #4: Entrance, Object: Huge Tree With Hole More Info: All The Way On The Top Left Hand Corner, There Is This Huge Tree, With This Huge Hole, Click On It. WHY? It Will Bring U To The Secret Tree House! Interesting…. :)

    #5: Cave, Object: Fallen Log & Apple & Fountain More Info: U Will See On The Right Side Theres This Fallen Log, Click On It. WHY? U Will Get 10 Bear Bills! U See The Bone Shaped Fountain? Click It. WHY? U Will Get 10 Bear Bills! Theres This Tree On The Left Hand Bottom Corner, It Has A Apple In Tree, Click On It. WHY? U Will Get A Yummy Apple Added To Ur Invententory! Mmmmm!

    #6: Pawsitively Green Center, Object: Recycleing Sign More Info: Click On The Recycle Sing On The Right Side On The Building, It Will Glow White When Ur Mouse Is On It, Click It When U See It. WHY? U Will Go On A Nature Walk Quest! When Ur Done U Get A Prize! But Im Not Telling! :D

    #7: Light House, Object: Huge Fat Screw More Info: Theres This Fat Screw Right In The Middle, When U See It Click It. WHY? U Will Get To Pick A Color For Ur Swimsuit And Go Under Water, Or U Can Just Go To Map And Click Under Sea Discovery!

    DONE!!!! :D

    Now Thats Detail! Thx For Reading! If It Really U Helped Plzz Like, It Will Mean To Me Alot! BTW, If U Didnt Notice Theres Acctually 8 Secret Places With Things! This Took Me A long Time To Make, God Bless Me. Thx 4 reading BTW Add ME:


    THX AGAIN! BYE!! :D :D :D :D

    • Fu

      OMG thx SOOO MUCH. You made it veryyy long but it was totally worth it! You gave a LOT of details. I hope u live a long life :]

  • Guest

    SWIMMING PARTY!! WERE:Skate Park Square
    WHEN: 8:30 AM


  • BearVille Info Girl!

    can some one give me a scate board plzz? Pretty please with cherry on top??? add me:

    Catherine Sapphire42

  • Aj2hip1126075

    I am a Jr CybearGuilde I visit bearville everyday

  • Aj2hip1126075

    there is a secret place in bearville its at entrance click on the tree you will see a tree house go in it and you will see seats there

  • Gabriel9

    Hi I’m GabeAdventureBear634 and there is one more secret place go to sunshine shore cave and click the bottom or top of the tree behind the lifeguard chear

  • stephy

    is their any more cause i always hear the same ones that i already know!