2011May 23

Secret Areas


There are a number of Secret Areas in Build-a-Bearville. Check them out!

  • cutelittlepiegirl

    i like the one at performing arts i cant’t belivie it really works

  • cutelittlepiegirl

    thank you hellogirl123 xoxo with means hugs and kisses

  • unicornlova

    everybody knows those

    like my post and i can tell you the one in build-a-bear workshop at town square

  • sparklebarbie

    Click the trampoline next to bearville outfitters and you’ll go on top of bearville outfitters

  • CrystalHappyHuggs

    I love bearville!

  • loollllop


  • ajfashionbear93

    thank u!!!! ill go there now. I have about 3 characters

  • random awesome person:)


  • random awesome person:)

    yay randomness! lets party:)!!!!!

  • lljkmlbgjggh


  • Bearville Insider Fan

    Invation From Catherine Sapphire42: Christmas Party!

    When?- 8:30 PM on December 24th 2013
    Where?- Friendship Park
    Why?- To have fun!
    What?- A christmas Party!

    Plus if you give a gift to Catherine Sapphire when she is there at the party, you will get BearBills!

  • kiannabeachbear13

    wow. i knew this already! and fyi i suggest you CALM DOWN!! are you trying to give people a headache? besides, its not good for your hormones! :( Not Impressed.

  • Liz

    Dont fight

  • rachel

    Thanks for this info, really helped me! XD

  • victoriagamer75

    everybody knows these places, and she forgotten the trapoline in town square where you click on the trapoline and on top Bearville outfitters :-(







  • Ivanna Rubio

    And at the libeary you can click on the cheetah and go on an animal adventure in either Ancient Egypt or Jungle Ruins.

  • Ivanna Rubio

    Also during Camp Happy Heart there is a special place behind the train station.

  • michaelstar366

    what is with the broken boat under water?

  • Kirsten Campbell

    That’s cool


    Y’all acting like a bunch of two year olds who can’t spell. If you can’t spell it right keep it to yourselves darling’s:)

  • aarongemini280

    every body
    my build a bear is aaron gemini 280
    i am very popular!!!

  • Carrie

    Non of ur tricks work ur all losers

  • leahdecember76

    go to the coffee shop and click on the cat picture

  • bunnyhappyheart

    hey, im not trying to say anything bad, but you guys are all posting about the same secret areas
    does anyone know any new ones?

  • lauren

    Me and my friend discovered the tree house ages ago

  • derp


  • littlegotwilight

    the performing art centre isn’t a secret place.

  • kayle

    Also it you hit the torn piece of the ship it takes you to another underwater hideout.

  • Kayle

    I like the stage at Performing Arts it even has a game and if you win the game you get 200 bear bills/bb.

    • Jennifer

      I know right!? SO cool/Awesome.

      • Kayle

        what is your account on bearville?

  • Kayle

    The Entrance is like a Tree house and I think it’s kinda cool

  • Jennifer

    I like bearville it’s cool

  • jennifer

    I love bv/bearville!

  • Le meh

    Scroll down to the comments and…BOOM! Crazy people everywhere!

  • sally

    there is another secret room if you go to the bank and click the red rug you can get 1,000 bearbills in the room

  • I’mNoMuggleMyLetterJustGotLost

    Does anybody like Harry Potter?

  • LilaCute200

    at what entrance

  • 20%Cooler

    waz up

  • lilly

    how do you play

  • hannahadorable10912

    can you get on top of the theater

  • tacitoloveicecream

    wait i´m stating to thing Emma adorable 7891 are the same because in Bearville you

    can´t have the same name.umm so what do you gurl.BECAUSE I´M 21 YEARS OLD

  • liviadorable202

    does anyone know how to get on the roof of the theater

  • 愛子 高橋

    It’s pretty simple to get to secret places. I know them all, but hellogirl123 said them so… XD and I also added a picture… swag 8)

  • Super cats

    Hi guys

  • THE AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    you could also go to town square and click on the trampoline

  • abbyadorable45784

    party at pool
    bring gift for my birthday
    Friday, August 22 2014
    dress in a swimsuit
    see you there

  • wolfgirl52

    so i just joined yesterday

  • wolfgirl52