2011May 23

Secret Areas


There are a number of Secret Areas in Build-a-Bearville. Check them out!

  • abbey_camper

    go to the town square and click on the trampoline

  • Jennifer

    I heard there was a Hallway. where is it?

  • Www 4baileymorales

    OMG! That is so cool! At the entrance there is a tree with a huge hole in it, and when you click on it it leads you to a place that is SOOOOOOOOOO COOL! I will not tell you all but I will give you a clue. . . . . it looks like a scene from the movie series Star Wars. Belive me, it is pawsome!!!!!!!!!! :)

    • Yankin33

      it is a tree house

  • Www 4baileymorales

    Hey! I’m back! I totally need to tell everyone about this!!!!!!!!!! OMG. OK. These are the steps on how to get there: #1. From where ever you are, go to the LIGHTHOUSE.#2. Go INSIDE the LIGHTHOUSE.#3. CLICK on the WHEEL ON THE GLASS DOME in the CENTER OF THE ROOM.#4.Once you have gotten to a underwater place called the DEEP SEA DISCOVERY, CLICK on the HOLE NEXT TO A TREASURE CHEST. Now, belive me, it is pawsome! To me, it is basically like a scene from the movie, The Little Mermaid. I bet you will think it is pawsome too.

  • Jennifer

    What about the hallway? I heard there was one while I was playing hide and seek but I never seemed to know where it is. Can anyone tell me where it is?

  • http://twitter.com/bey_dania Dania Bey

    hi how are you

    • Jennifer


  • Bnkcsch

    i love this its so cool

  • emmebubblebear3

    i dont know if this works because i havent tried it myself yet but i heard that if you click on one of the tents at the waterfall it will take you to a secret place :)

  • Babyhannah8600

    the frst one is on top of the bearville outfiters building just jump on the trampoline.next is on top of the coffee shop witch you click on the silly cat picture last is the pawforming arts center then click on the left curtian and then click on the toy cheast or box ;0

  • Londoncromer

    what entrance

  • Defne Eran

    there are 5 different secret areas in BABV

  • SuperGagaHero

    Can you tell us WHERE?

  • SuperGagaHero

    I like the top of the coffee shop. I can just hang there with my bff and no one EVER GOES THERE!

    • Yankin33

      I once went there

  • Rebecarosso789


  • Purble4

    visit my account, im angelamoonbeam57!

    • natalie4leafclover870

      what is your password?

      • Yankin33

        what is your password?

        • Rosa1423


          • ILOVEJB

            yeah she’s got it…never

    • JULES0


    • alexieblack20

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    • tae4062


  • Dana

    i want to know the secreat places for build a beaar wokrshop for bears!!!! AND WHO HAS THERE OWN LAPTOP FROM FISLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ka

    the palm tree did not work! you should be ashamed of yourself!

    • Elizabethchocolate474

      I know I spent… 2 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! trying

      • All Timer

        That’s because the entire Lighthouse area used to be a secret that you could only access by clicking on the palm tree at the Sunshine Shores Cave. Recently (summer 2010) they made it open to the public, added the ability to go inside the Lighthouse and dive. NOTHING about the Lighthouse is secret anymore…So many of you are acting like the underwater part is secret but it’s not! It was announced in the Bearville Times and they made a big deal out of it when it happened…which spoiled the fun of having the Lighthouse area a secret. Now the map links right to it!

        • Hellokatie

          Hey calm down aint there fault

    • anon


    • jessica

      yes it do try it again cause i found it be myself when the light house was made on there

    • Nina Keays

      Maybe they were told it did Ka, :T its not their fault.

      • madisen

        yay its not there falut

  • natalie4leafclover870

    Idk what I’m doing, but I was really board so… if u get this and your on a few minuites after I send this please send something back!

  • natalie4leafclover870

    or hours just post back! lol

  • natalie4leafclover870

    okay… if i add my pic will u post back?

    • Yankin33

      I would post back

  • natalie4leafclover870

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  • natalie4leafclover870

    is any1 gonna post back?!? :(

  • natalie4leafclover870

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  • Amgirls21

    Omg… this is ssssoooooo cool!

  • natalie4leafclover870

    what is?

  • natalie4leafclover870


    • Yankin33

      Hello add me on bearville I am KaitlynPink253

      • lain


      • kendra yee

        ok.mine is kendrayellow7.

        • ILOVEJB

          yeah mine is Tinapurrincess15

      • ILOVEJB

        it said that you already had 200 friends and I couldn’t! :o

    • tae4062

      hi im lilly brave gal43 friend me

  • Yankin33

    I thought we were not allowed to tell self information

  • Yankin33

    How did you put a hello kitty picture there?

    • sally

      Someone already asked that

  • Emilyspirit135

    How many secret places are there????

  • Xia

    cool so cool

  • natalie4leafclover870

    there is 5 places

  • Amgirls

    hi nat

  • Amgirls

    add me im JennyMay468

  • natalie4leafclover870

    ok :)

  • nat

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  • natalie4leafclover870

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  • natalie4leafclover870

    amgirl, do you live in California?

  • Yankin33

    is there any more secret places?

  • Yankin33

    I can t go in there because I don t have a furry friend

  • natalie4leafclover870



    how do you get in the secret dragon castle? BTW YOU ARE ALL WEIRD AND A CLOWN

    • natalie4leafclover870

      we know, ant thank you

  • Yankin33

    i love this place!

  • Secretperson


  • natalie4leafclover870

    I’m guessing she or he cares. lol

  • natalie4leafclover870

    if anyone is reading, please respond, & happy New Year!

  • AlleyCute25

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  • http://twitter.com/ashleybravooo Ashley loves cody

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  • Nudfyubfydgbd

    click on the cat picture in the coffee shop

  • Gus43

    it didn’t work for me eather

  • Anonymous