2011May 23

Secret Areas


There are a number of Secret Areas in Build-a-Bearville. Check them out!

  • natalie4leafclover870

    Hi peoples!

  • Alyssajanehernandez

    look the palm tree thing does not work that worked near 2009

  • Chloerocks

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  • natalie4leafclover870

    yeah, like the real chloerocks would say that. :)

  • lexipuppylover

    bobby law 253 thats not nice to be putting fake areas

  • bearvillelvr

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  • natalie4leafclover870

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  • Srnewcomb

    Theres a secret area at the zoo just click on the tiger!!!

  • Kjones2462


  • Kjones2462

    go to the coffee shop and click on the cat painting on the left.

  • StarVanilla222

    First one is in the town square you will probably notice a trampoline click on it and see!
    Second one is in the coffee shop you will see a cat pictur on a wall click on it (it’s my favourite place)
    Third one is in the lighthouse, go in it, click in the middle of it and you will be able to swim!
    Fourth one (the best one) is in the Entrance go over the bridge if you are coming from the city garden if not then don’t go over the it, then click in the tree with a hole in it I will let you discover, there is also one in th sunshine shores when you click on a tree but I have nver ben able to work it out!!! good luck

    • twilightgurl13

      the tree one at sunshine shores used to open up and you got to the light house, the light house isn’t a secret area anymore thought so they got rid of it.

      • Chloeautumnfun114

        thanks for telling me this i really wanted to know whats wrong

    • Dancergirl910

      there is also one more. go to pawforming arts centre (inside) and click on the balcony. You can play a new daily activity there. you earn 200 bearbills!

      • ILOVEJB

        Who here love Justin Bieber!?!

        • CindyAdventure1553

          i do

        • Briannabearycool184

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          • jamieobeary45

            I agree with you!

          • baishakhi27


        • Cdmalone

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        • sparklyshiney

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      • bearypreety

        not me

      • emily holmes

        I know It’s fab!!!!!
        Justin Bieber is ok I love LITTLE MIX MORE!!!!!!

        • KawaiiNarwhal

          The Wanted is better…

    • Pence

      I don’t think the one in sunshine shores cave works

      • ♥sofia♥

        its no longer a hide place anymore

    • Miabearns

      clic on de rite part of de 3

    • CarolineMay116

      It doesn’t work anymore, but it used to. I think BABV got rid of that way to get to the lighthouse because they allowed people to get there from the map. The tree used to be the only way to get to the lighthouse.

      • angie

        wait, wait, wait. they got rid of the light house? and oh ya I remember that tree;) lol

    • unknown

      the reason that one doesn’t work is because that used to lead to the lighthouse but now the lighthouse is open for everyone.

    • emily holmes

      Sorry but I cannot find any of them places!?!?

      • Fluttershy

        They aren’t to hard to find. Just go to the coffee shop in the Furbulous fashion boutique, and click on the painting of the white cat in one of the corners. This is a great place to have a pool party if you dont have a Cub Condo. Also, you can tell others about it because in the Bearville chat dictionary, you can say “click the picture of the cat to get to the secret room” Isn’t that convenient?

    • baishakhi27

      I do not see a trampoline in the town square.

      • AlieeLikeWuut

        On the floor, obviously. . . lol sort of hiding behind the Bearville Outfitters store. (Still visible though!) In front of the news room but against the wall of Bearville Outfitters. Hope that helped!

    • AlieeLikeWuut

      Also, when you click the wheel in the lighthouse. . . You go underwater – There is a boat under there, not hard to see o.O there will be a hole in the corner, that leads you inside the boat. .

  • KittyCat

    Omg! Were is the Cat picture? I dont get it!?

  • natalie4leafclover870

    on the side of the coffee shop.

  • Samiabachir

    ok here is a cheat where you get 500 credits ok you go to bulid a bear work shop then behind the stage there is a red spring click on it 12 times and then you got 500 credits good luck

    • natalie4leafclover870

      That DOSEN’T work!

  • chocolategirl1120

    friend me!!! im zoeysurfboard101!!!!

    • natalie4leafclover870


  • guest

    there is not a secret area behind the lifeguard chair in the palm tree

  • Guest

    Any other ones…p.s. the palm tree one doesnt owrk

  • Green224

    Dont go to the shores

  • mitchieGoesRawr x3

    There’s another one.
    At the Pawforming Arts Center, there’s a little balcony at the top corner.
    If you click on it, it’ll take you backstage.
    (My secret hide away)
    you could click on the box, and if you find the hidden object, you’ll get 200 Bear bills.

    Add me if you didn’t know this.
    DemiTotallyCute20 (:

  • guest

    if you go to the coffe shop there is a pic of a cat on the wall click it you will be on a adveture

  • Bob

    some are tree hole in place

  • pikachu

    I am here to show guys some cheats!So here I go.You may want to write this down or open a new tab.Town Square-trampoline.Coffee Shop-cat pic.Entrance-tree with giant hole. Lighthouse-silver hatch.Performing Arts Center-balcony.Look,this is all I know so don’t judge me about ANYTHING. The cheats that I gave you all work I promise.Good luck! :)

  • kendrayellow7

    i know that tranpoline!i jump on it a lot(:

  • lain

    the sunshine shore thing never works i know itried it it deosnt work mabe in 1900′s

  • pikachu

    Look I will help you get some decent cash in Bearville.The first one is in a secret area at the Performing Arts Center AT THE BALCONY click the box to play Back Stage Search once you find the given item you’ll get 200 bearbills.The second one is at the Sportsplex,click on the panda at the reception desk and he’ll ask you to fill out a fitness and activities check list.If you check off 100% you’ll get 100 bearbills! Please be aware you can only do these things ONCE A DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So good luck ;)

  • brook

    1 the tree house go to entrance and click on the big hole and you end up in a cool place 2 go to coffee shop and click on cat picture and you will be at the top coffee shop! 3 go to town square and you see a trampoline and you click on that and you are on top of bvo

  • Parent

    hello i am new

  • Wigglesisfat

    Hey there is also the Dressing Room. It’s in the Performing Arts Center. You press the balcony. There is also a game in there that you can play daily. I’m GretchenHoneyDay on Bearville.

  • Juliabon2001

    Go to the cafe and click the wall with a bunch of frames and it is a secrect cafe! And if you click the seats on the top of the wall in the Arts place you go to the backstage!

  • Natalieregroma

    the palm tree never works.I tryed it nothing showed up! you should be ashamed of yourself!I mean think about all the people that belived in you people!

  • Ellieawsome

    i love justin bieber and bearville!

    • Elizabethchocolate474

      what are you talking about he is an awful singer the only thing I like about him is that he knows Selena Gomez

      • Elizabethchocolate474

        but I do like bearvillle

  • hannah

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    • brunobear145

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  • Victoria

    @Yankin33 When You Post A Comment At The Bottom You Can See + Image And You Can Put What Ever Image You Want Hope I Help You!!!

  • Hermon Gebru

    when youre backstage click on the box and you can play a cool game. But it can only be played once.

  • Romido

    I have done them all, and want more!

  • KatyPeaceBear

    click the tunnel where the bird puzzle game is

  • Kid2

    Click on the 1 on the right side of silver bakery on 2050. TRUST ME!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kid2

    Silver bakery will be out on 2950

  • Dighy


  • Natalie4leafclover870

    What does it matter???

  • brunobear145

    go to the coffee shop and inside is a not so clear drawing of a cat behind the painting game

  • Colombianita1460

    do you know any secrect areas

  • Nikkil00


  • Mia

    hi am abigaladventurebear818

  • lindsaysassy58

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  • Elenadivinagraciaaningga

    what secret am ok

  • alezabeth


  • Jjknbv30

    how can i get backstage

  • IainSimpson

    On Bearville I’m EleanorChic55
    ADD ME!!!!!!!

  • Lollipopmft

    In the cave, there is a tree with an apple in it. If you click on the apple you get the apple and ten dollars. If you randomly click around in the trees, you will get money.