2011May 23

Secret Areas


There are a number of Secret Areas in Build-a-Bearville. Check them out!

  • Lindsey Wehunt

    if you go on the trampoline in town square you can bounce to the roof

  • Racheal

    the teddybear i got is so cool i love it

  • Caitlynleecross

    i did not go any where when i clicked on the plam tree i did it for 5 hours !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Blossomcute61

    go to pawforming arts center inside then click on the balcony

  • Mandycandy

    I was playing hide and seek and i saw someone at the boutique rooftop but i don’t know how to get there.

  • Heidijimerson

    if you look at the coffee shop theres a spot on the roof to sit at

  • TeamKatneiss!!!

    My favorate is the Coffee Shop rooftop! :) :):)
    Add me!
    PS: Comment if you’ve read the Hunger Games! (Best book EVER!)

  • commentz

    Come And Party With IdalisWhite!
    When: Saturday: 3/2/2012
    Time: Eastern Time at 7:15 — 8:40
    Where At: Idalis Whites Cub Condo Interior Main , Bear Cave in the US
    Come with: A gift for this surprise party for her
    Extra details: wear dresses and tuxes if you don’t you will be kicked out it is formal! Except Maxine and Chloe

    Invitation for: Maxine Clark, Chloe, Miguel, And Cybearguides!

    • Brianna1022

      sorry i didnt come

    • Maxineclark

      hi i am maxine clark thank you for the invitation i will go and bring curly bobby my bear i will tell chloe and miguel

  • Brianna1022

    aadd me as a friend im briannabearycool184.and can anyone give me a id code and a ey code they didnt use yet?

    • TeamKatness!!!



      ok…I sent it just now through bear mail!

  • Robynamanda

    did any of u pplz notice that above the theatre, like right above that is a patio? with chairs and everything?? ive tried to figure out how to get up there but is that place just for looks??

  • commentz

    I will try
    Maxine Clark
    Chief Executive Bear
    Build-A-Bear Workshop

  • jessica

    Come party with us
    When: 3/10/2012
    There:jessicacheerbear498 cub condo
    Details:come with a gift(that dont cost that much)
    Wear:anything you want be your self

    • Mandycandy

      Leave a comment saying what server

  • TeamKatness!!!

    That sounds fun! I’m coming! look for Natalie4leafclover870! Happy B-day!!! See you soon!

  • Stranger :-0

    Party at my place!
    for my sister
    6:00 be very formal!

  • TeamKatness!!!

    OMG! so many partys! so many times! so confusing!

  • Brianna Bledsoe


    • TeamKatness!!!

      I agree with you!

  • Sallgirlcc

    i just want build a bear bear codes

  • amanda

    hi um this website is junk

  • Dancergirl 910

    the palm tree doesn’t work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the others do but not the palm tree.



  • sloppyjoe

    Hey everyone! AditiKicks1 on Bearville. I’m not typing this comment about secret areas. Please can someone tell me where the last gem is from the library’s JUNGLE RUINS? Please. What is with the riddles in Bearville!

  • popkitten

    hi i enjoy popcorn!


      hehehe… I know how you feel about the popcorn thing…:)

    • Natalie4leafclover870

      I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katy

    You can find secret places at the Entrance, Performing Arts Center, and the Coffee Shop! Click the cat picture, click the hole, and the balcony! Find these things in each place and click them!

  • Ellieturner03

    theres a secret and its that all the countrys are in english and thers differnent places in each content

  • Lauryn

    do any of u no laurangirlsrock11

  • Eileenchristie

    i cant log on! because my email adress! help! because my email adress dose not work!

    • Aylene

      Email BABV.

  • Honeybuddy

    never mind i saw the cat photo

  • VanessaBEARY


  • Natalie4leafclover870

    Reply to this if you’ve watched, read, or heard of The Hunger Games!!!

  • Ella10jones

    go to the coffee shop and click on the pic of the orange cat

  • awsome girl to cool for you

    hey umm do you have certificets i could have

  • Katy

    I luv the secret places! I go to them every day! Top Secret Coffee Shop, The Otfitters Store Rooftop, everywhere! Check ‘em out!

  • Meganbearycuddly37

    I am having a party at my cub condo on April 7Th. It is an Easter party so dress Easter like. It is in my cub condo basement. The party will start at 4:30pm – 5:00pm eastern time. It is in Canada in happy home. This is all you really need to know about it. I hope you can all come!!!

    • Natalie4leafclover870

      I would love to come and celabrate with you but I’m having my birthdayparty that day and I won’t be able to come! I’m really sorry!

      • Meganbearycuddly37

        it’s okay

    • katiecarnival138

      i would like to come but can you do it sooner thanks , katiecarnival138

    • bearypreety

      can i come

      • Meganbearycuddly37

        sure anyone can come

        • Lauryn

          wat is your bearville nam is it megan beary cuddly37

  • Elle Cample 112

    Hello I Just found the Secreat Coffeshop thank you Ella10jones!

  • Elle Cample 112

    Im Pregnant !

    • Natalie4leafclover870

      How old are you?

    • Briannabearycool184

      thats so weird.are u old?friend me.briannabearycool184.

    • gabby rocks

      congrats how many weeks if you dont mind me asking

    • cdfuyfedug

      are you a kid??????

      just woundering dude !!!

      no ofense!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mchelle54

    go to the entrence and click the it in the back click on the tree

  • CindyAdventure1553

    Thanks for helping me i no where most secet areas are and i hope more will come

  • madisonbear 89

    all of the secret areas I KNOW
    1.town square click on trampoline
    2.coffee shop click on orange cat picture
    3.entrance click on the tree with the big hole
    4.lighthouse click on the screw thing
    5.preforming arts center click on the balcony
    6.sunshine shores click on a tree
    7.(i don’t know if this is real but it might if you know about itplease comment )town square outside build a bear workshop (i have know idea where to click)
    hope this helps,

    • mileysmiley

      i cant fin the sunshine shores one, it doesnt work!

      • aaronadorable45811

        yeah i tried it too and i didnt find it :(

        • Helena

          Rip off

          • andie

            it works

          • Joe

            no it does not

      • EsmeDazzle

        i cant find it too

        • Sapphire


          • Iluvbenny

            yep exactly right. the lighthouse that was secret is now public

      • Yentirb Nomolos

        me too

    • MickeyG_1771

      i cant find the lighthouse one

      • sabrina2hip1531

        go into the lighthouse, you will see this wheel kind of thing ontop of the thing in the center. When you put your mouse over it it will glow. Click it and there it is.

      • Erin

        You have to go inside the lighthouse. The screw thing is inside.

      • Erin

        You have to go inside the lighthouse. The screw thing is inside.

        • Danielle:)

          i did not know there was a scew?

        • melissa

          no that is wrong the thing in the center leads to underwater


    • Helena

      okay what tree and I dont think it works

      • Thianna

        I know right I tryed it and it didn’t work

        • Bedfordcarissa

          yes it works i am in the tree house right now and it is is in the Entrance go over the bridge if you are coming from the city garden if not then don’t go over the it, then click in the tree with a hole in it I will let you discover

          • Helena

            the sunshine shores one

          • http://www.facebook.com/taylor.abigaile Taylor Abigaile

            Woah!! I’m in it, too! That’s awesome!!

          • aj2hip180285

            girly what is up with yo profile picture? mann it looks funny!;)

          • nbhbv

            that’s hunger games!

      • AddisonArtistBear251

        btw its a really big hole

        • Aj2hip180285

          haha big whole? where?

          • Meghanmonkeys

            in the entrance

          • precious4leafclover310

            go in the entrance there is a tree with a hole

    • Chloeautumnfun114

      I can find all but the sunshine shores one and I don’t think that can work because I clicked on every tree anyway

      • Lexy Gentry

        way to hard right?

      • Lindshak

        i think the tree one in sunshine shores leads to the lighthouse. don’t bother

      • foxy fox

        you hit the apple and bird

        • Sophiefarquhar

          can someone help me what thing on the light house?

          • sed

            just hit the ash tree

          • lillybravegal 43

            what is an ash tree?

          • baishakhi27

            click in the middle of the light house,and the big screw should glow.when it glows,click on it and walla!

          • baishakhi27

            by the way the screw in the light house is not really a secret place.Just saying.

          • Annieadventurous573

            That isn’t a secret place, they put it on the map

        • sparklyshiney


      • foxy fox

        hit apple

      • Lalaland xD

        That One Was REALLY Old And You Would Go To The Lighthouse But They Edited It And Made The Lighthouse A Place

      • Ivanna Rubio


    • Keiana23

      that is stupied

      • Miabearns

        your mean

        • danielle(aj2hip180285)

          i know right she must get it from her parents ! meany!

          • rae

            NOW U ARE BEING MEAN!

      • lupita

        you are mean :(

      • danielle(aj2hip180285)

        lyke ur face huh? yu think yu knon it all huh? you loca:) kidding!

      • danielle(aj2hip180285)

        you are so rude!!!! and very mean!

        • Star


    • Nyla Bunsee

      Awesome news! :)
      Thank u sooooooo much!
      Be happy and safe on bearville and continue to have fun!

      • emily holmes


    • Zack_30

      actually the town square is not a secret place

      • guest

        yep there is kinda click the trampoline and there

    • BriannaBearyCool184

      2 of those dont work

      • Jennardpup

        no all of them work

    • QueenDramaDiva

      u r awesome! ?’s: which tree?, do u mean the trampoline?

    • Mcstephens1203

      sunshine shores has one?

      • lillybravegal43

        yes it DID it has been discontinued

    • Sophiefarquhar

      where is the screw thing :(

      • lupita

        what is that?

        • lillybravegal43

          it is the thing on the dome thing that weel it should ope and then you click

      • precious4leafclover310

        in the light house

    • Sophiefarquhar

      there is no screw thing :(

    • grace


    • Ema2hip485

      where is the screw thing

    • StefanBearHero10

      That at Sunshine Shores doesn`t work. so…………lol. bye-z

    • Ivanna Rubio

      Did anybody find number seven in this list?

  • madisonbear89

    sorry LOTS of mistakes in the one comment i just put in

  • madisonbear89

    hi madison

  • Tytyty


  • jacob s


  • jacob s


  • jacob s


  • bearypreety

    thanks madisonbear 89 this will really help me. bearypreety

  • Andrew

    i love berkley my dog

    • Helena


  • briannabearycool84

    hi.i like the preforming arts center balcony alot becauseyou can get 200 bb in it.

    • Meganbearycuddly37

      me too. The balcony is one of my favourite places!!! :D

  • stephaniebear89

    madisonbear89 the trampoline is the place where you click to on top of bearville outifers.

  • ELH

    What is the hidden place by the light house? I really want to go in it, but don’t know what a ‘screw thing’ is. I was reading the comments. :)

  • ELH

    is there a hidden place behind the waterfall

    • Alex