2011May 23

Secret Areas


There are a number of Secret Areas in Build-a-Bearville. Check them out!

  • Meganbearycuddly37


  • Oliviagallup

    like what

  • Natalie4leafclover870

    ELH, The screw thing is a wheel/door in the middle of the room that lead to under the ocean where you can go scuba diving.

  • Zubslnrk

    i know where all the secret areas are they are sooooo easy to find……. My favourite secret area is the performing arts secret area you could play the backstage finding thingy game and get 200 bear bills and i know a new code on how to get 1,0000 bear bills

    • Helena

      hello tell us

    • Alex

      whats the code?

  • amy

    hey every body devin bostick is hottttt lol

  • amy

    no i didnt know that

  • amy

    hey thanks for the clues my boy friend is calling april fools wyatt me bbbbllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sucky dude call him he will marry u omg lol thats how weird he is yeah he is tha weird omg im going see devin bostick diary of a wimpy kid movie you can get the smurf buld a smurf lol i comment to much ikr call me gabby please thank you very much for reading my posts whoever omg please call me at (318)2297468 my number thank you and i am writing a story for thebuild a bar work shop movie thank you all

  • MrsBelieber


  • Mrsbieber

    Is this a justin bieber site even?



  • gabby rocks


    • gabby rocks


  • jodi

    hi come pawty with us!
    where:JodiQueenie’s Cub Condo
    when:April 16th 2012
    bring a gift it can be anything
    what for:my birthday!
    anyone can come
    dress in dresses or tuxes
    BRING FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and bearmail me if you got this!
    i m JodiQueenie.
    if you wanna come meet me at townsquare April 15th 2012 5:00 pm
    oh i almost furgot the time the pawty is will be 5:00 pm to 5:35 pm

    • Helena

      I am so going its proably gonna be pawsome

    • Mariamnegutierrez

      i wiil come toomorow

    • macyallheart396

      i will come

    • Helena

      Wait you furgot the den

  • kate

    hey were do you get moves like when you go places

    • kate

      like i cant fined any moves can you help me plzz ????????

      • Helena

        most of the moves i have are exspired but type this in for a shirt


    • Helena

      You can get a move at friendship forest park

  • Helena

    hi I dont want to take somthing you love but i really want this sparkly snow leopord ears and tail but you dont have to trade the tail so i will give you 5000 bearbills for the leopord ears

    • Helena

      Please my bff has been teasing me that i dont have one and she does

      • Helena

        whops If you would like to give me those items for 5000 bearbills email me at
        Moranx2twns@verizon.net and make sure you upercase the M or you wont be emailing to me

        • Helena

          If you have the birth certifacate of a sparkly snow leopord that will be fine LOL you dont have to give me one but i would LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

      • Isabella

        Not trying to be rude but, if she was your friend then she wouldn’t tease you. I was in a similar position ,just ask her to stop, and if she doesn’t, you know that’s she’s not a true friend.
        Hope I helped.

    • Briannabearycool184

      sorry i dont have one but i can trade you some cool things but it will cost you.friend me!

    • Kupachi

      I do i’m katemarch173 friend me and i’ll give it to you

      • Briannabearycool184

        how do you have it?

      • Helena

        my username is HelenaLoveable18 kupachi

  • Briannabearycool184

    party at my cub condo!come to cub cliff at 530 pm on april 22.bring a cool gift.wear anything you want.anyone is welcome.friend me!

  • Up2you


  • Goihgrg

    this websites awesome

  • JodiQueenie

    pawty at my cub condo!Come April 22 to pawty till ya can’t dance no more!! for earth day. come to cub cliff at 4:30 pm.wear green and white clothes.and recieve a gift from me! thank you!!!!! oh bring friends! I’m JodiQuennie on bearville.

  • Iselleh


  • charlirox

    where is the sunshineshores one ,i don’t know what tree it is

  • charlirox

    the balcony rooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • charlirox1

    im having a party at my cub condo on the 30th of april 2012 at 5;00pm to 7;00,
    you have to go on bear cave and you have to go to alaniadorable158 cub condo

    and you have to reply by the 25th of april

    • Rjet44

      how do u get to bear cave

    • Bellacuddles1064

      im coming
      im bellacuddles1064

  • Madisonf

    hi umm how can you get bear points

  • zoooozooo


  • liam

    love it

  • JodiQueenie

    Hey! I have the best condo ever! i’m making a town in my cub condo! My cub condo is closed right now because i need more time to make it better.Come 2 my GRAND OPENING on May 1 at 5:00 pm.i have a Libeary,school,garden center,dentist, and more! in about 3 days i will give ya more info about the town.Maxine Clark and Chloe plus migualsunshine and don’t furget Greentracks NEED to come to it. Bring friends 2!!!!! rememberr

    • Madro231

      what den?????

  • Mr Puff

    how do be a member on bearvile

  • jojobubblebear

    hi i have no idea so can you tell me how to start and where to start the treasured topaz hunt????

  • JodiQueenie

    HEY I GOT MY EARS PIERCED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in real life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Natalie4leafclover870

      good job… How old are you?

  • Liza

    i want money

  • JodiQueenie

    well hey guys,i know it has been more than 3 days,so here is the town ideas i had,so the libeary is in my blue bear’s room my school is in my basement my garden center is in my sun room my pawty rooms is in my pawty area my main room is just a lounge area to invite friends my bedroom is a theater my rooftop is for just sitting out side and every month i will have a magic show so please come oh yeah my dentist is in my cat’s room

    • Briannabearycool184

      what den

  • Meganj

    you are a bit awesome madisonbear8,

  • Meganj

    get stuffed poopooo head

  • Meganj

    pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooi did a wee on the slide everyone and a poo

  • Madisonf

    I can’t get in the preformance art center (inside) in the balcony please help me I tried and tried and tried….. please tell me how step-by-step.

    • Alex

      when you go to the pawforming arts center, there will be a balcony in the upper rigth hand corner.click on it. if it doesnt work, add me at abbyadorable25215 and we can meet on bearville or something and ill help

      • Rayla

        actually its the upper left hand corner

  • Ashbearpal49[amy]

    hi madisonbear89 I don ‘t know about the tree one

  • ScarletBearycute18

    how do i get to the castle from 2011?

  • Helena

    Hi I have a question I just love bows and I only have one thats red so I am asking poeple who have one and I will give you a receip code for a blue bow

    • Helena

      I am HelenaLoveable18

    • Helena

      I ment a outfit for a bow with 500 bearbills not a receip code

      • Briannabearycool184

        i have one.i am briannabearycool184

  • JennyBenny34

    The wheel to go underwater is not a secret hide out

    • BrittneyAdventureBear52333


    • baishakhi27

      I agree with you.

    • Anomonyss


      • ..

        Indeedsi agrees too. I thing 1 year or 2 back they showed on the news too. :)

        • sparklyshiney

          what news????

          • miss gummy gamer

            The news is the called the BBC news. You can read it.

          • RebeccaHearts56

            No it’s bnn news!

          • lexykazowie18

            I agree with you!

    • miss gummy gamer

      It is so obvious. The wheel is highlighted, for Pete’s sake!

  • Clovedistrict2

    who knows where the castle is???

  • LoveyDoveyRememberMeFallenLeaf

    There’s always gonna be another mountain I’m always gonna wanna make it move There’s always gonna be another battle I’ll just have for my lifeeeeeee

    • Joe

      weird person people

  • Castillo Alesia

    me 2



  • twinklebearville123

    hey i am abbebeachbear1470 please help my bro got rid of my bearville please send me anything on bear mail please! please help!

  • Vicoria

    Hey peeps. I tried the sunshine shores and it worked. Something loaded and it got stuck. so I could not even see it! :( so bad!

  • Lvperez91

    click on the map button. then click on cave.and then click the tree that fell and you will get 100 b.b.

    • Alex

      its only 10 bb

  • amberhugs141

    In the lighthouse click on the screw glowing in the middle then when your underwater click at the bottom of the ship and it brings you to a different part hope I helped !

  • Smallakshaya

    i hav not seen any secret areas at bearville……:)

  • AbbeyAdorable2759

    This is abbeyadorable2759 I know ALL of the secret areas in bearville even the really really old ones so if you have any questions on them just send me a message on bearville. Btw if u r reading this message me “beary’” and i will friend you


    i can’t figure out the tonw square one! where do i click???